2017: Anchoring New Earth Energies

Regardless of how you typically see yourself--whether you are someone who's "cosmically" or "galactically" aligned with the truth of your Higher Self; or you're someone literally reading those words going "huh?" :) The point is--each and every one of us is awakening toward some deeper meaning of life within themselves. This isn't just a changing of the guards or a turning of the tides... it's literally the ending of a very long era, and the beginning of a very new and life sustaining one.

Really and truly recognize what end of the spectrum of LIFE you've been perceiving yourself and your world through. Take a moment...perhaps, watch this video:

Personally, I have always been internally and intensely present to the Light. This is where those of faith can relate--that sense of internal hope against all odds that no matter what, everything will be OK... in spite of the challenges and the hardships, We WILL Rise. This has always been something innately within me--more and more I align with the truth of what IS and I come into the reality that there are more and more of Us aligning.

I'm sure that you, reading this, are someone who is finding that life has begun to take a sort of unexpected twist and turn that is making you start to think more deeply, intensely and perhaps more critically about life. It's not that something spectacular happened to you and you woke up one morning with a post-it note exclaiming: "Your Life Has Changed! ARE YOU READY?!"

If you find yourself being tapped (or slapped) with a proverbial wake-up call, you're perfectly on track! You're exactly where you need to be! If you find yourself having already gotten the call just confused as to what might be next, don't worry--the steps will come.

Here is a suggestion: You may find, that the more you begin to get real with what's actually real in your life, the easier you may find it becomes. We are ALL in a state of flux. We are ALL experiencing this planetary tension and unrest--not everyone is aware of this. Not everyone is aware that basically EVERYONE is feeling it--absolutely feeling, these tremendous changes... and not just feeling it but experiencing palpable change as well.

This all sounds very simple and basic, yet on a day-to-day level it can become increasingly difficult and stressful to manage--especially without any support, guidance or tools on how to cope, heal, etc. Having the discernment within yourself to reach out for support (and/or conversely, to offer it), is especially essential at this time.

It's become glaringly urgent to me that the codes, downloads and support be offered ASAP and as effectively as possible. Please stay in touch, as we progress I'll continue to offer guidance and updates accordingly. If you haven't taken a look at the video yet, please do.


Blessings & Aloha,
Xara Kapualani & Ohana