Moving Through the Thruster Portion of the Lion's Gate Portal

 Kapualani at Ho'okipa Beach on Maui

Kapualani at Ho'okipa Beach on Maui

Immediately following this massive galactic stargate opening, we are INSTANTLY and INTENSELY getting pummeled with codes, clearings and upleveling activations to really push the COLLECTIVE through this expansive tunnel of light.

As we swim through this initial boost of awakening awareness, you may find yourself feeling a slew of Lion's Gate ascension symptoms. As we're locking into deeper rooted anchor points in the Inner Earth Grid, we're also HYPER DRIVING and FIRING UP our awakening light bodies. Your physical body is receiving the information that your mental, emotional bodies are possibly swimming with. Symptoms such as a general sense of confusion, chaotic/racing thoughts, depression, exhaustion, hyper active energy bursts, upset stomach, body aches/pains not common to your norm, emotional ups and downs... and so forth. Your subtle bodies (and

otherwise) are all integrating with the shaking-up of these energies. Breathing and grounding, meditating and being aware of LIFE and of YOU (your thoughts, feelings, reactions, etc) are highly important practices as we progress--it is inevitable that you should start to question yourself, your life, your purpose, etc so just embrace the process and move into the LOVE, the parts of yourself that desire ease and joy.

Open your Heart to receive the Sacred Codes of Gaia Creator Light... the waves of LOVE ALOHA are FLOWING IN STRONG KINE brah... super intense, but allow that ancestral healing of love aloha and clearing to move through your channels... awakening and accessing the previously dormant, ancient codes of wisdom and divine knowledge of this planetary body. We are reawakening and reemerging; to the knowing, the seeing, the experiencing and the unlocking of the galactic restraints. The mental slavery which has gripped on and co-created itself into our current reality; the chains of wounding--of hurting and harming--it's over and it's ended. It already came to its close long ago, don't you see? We're now just living into the realization of FREEDOM from our own mental prisons which have bled into our actual lives--what's right in front of us here and now... BECAUSE.... GUESS WHAT AND WHY?

YOU, WE, ALL OF US ARE READY FOR IT! WE are ALL ready for the healing of real unconditional love to wash over us all and bridge us into the promise of what LIFE is about... CELEBRATION.

For too long we've been enslaved by the constraints of the watchful "hands of time"--a falsified component of the matrix; invented and perpetuated to maintain control our MOST precious commodity: Ourselves--Your soul, your chi, your LIFE FORCE is THE MOST PRECIOUS "thing" you ARE... you do not just "have" this, YOU-ARE-THIS.

Come ALIVE and feel these immense activations of ALIVENESS within your being... feel the cellular discord beginning to unravel and allow the LIGHT to FLOW through, dismantling dark ties and shadow; transmuting ALL no longer in service to your highest good. Know that I AM present to YOU, sending and midwifing these Divine Codes of Light--Your specific and unique codes are awakening, activating and coming ALIVE within YOU... NOW.

Blessings are upon You NOW. Receive and know this and it will be... And So it IS.

Love & Aloha,
Xara Kapualani