Coming UP! New Moon | Chinese New Year 2018

Aloha and WOW it's been a while, hasn't it? We're moving deeper and further into the New Earth Timeline and the simultaneous events coinciding, igniting, activating and launching off are all part of this very sacred, quantum process.

This week, we'll be moving through a Dark Lilith Moon (New Moon) on Thursday 2/15 and the Chinese Year of the Dog celebration on Friday 2/16! The sequencing of these events and the energies hitting us just keep coming. If I'm accurate, I actually started feeling CMEs ("coronal mass ejections" are basically geomagnetic storms of magnetic fields and plasma blasting us from the sun, generally following solar flare activity) coming, I believe there was a blast on earlier (Feb 12th) but even before that--days ago; the intensity of the energies coming in have been phenomenal. (I'll explain what this means and how it affects us during the live broadcast)

 Self-Portrait; Kapualani at a private, off-grid location in Humboldt County, CA; (c) December 2017

Self-Portrait; Kapualani at a private, off-grid location in Humboldt County, CA; (c) December 2017

We are clearly, very apparently and physically moving through space and time--together--and the shifts that will be opening things up and continuing to take place can't even begin to be fully described. Part of my guidance in sessions and especially in offering "specific details" on future events these days (this really started maybe two years or so ago really), is that we are now actively creating the New Earth and so... "predictions" are not going to be appearing the same or being perceived in exactly the same way, etc... it is because it is all energy.

Part of the purpose in sharing this info is so that people can start to take more of their own power back--and not just take it back but really own it and become it. Empowerment is such a significant tool in this movement and one that we are all receiving the opportunity to step into and action on. By empowering ourselves and others we can begin to actively harmonize our lives from the inside out.

But getting back to the upcoming Stargates--I've always loved New Moons and what's interesting is I've noticed that it really does pick up a bit more, energetically, the following two days or so after it's peak... my point in sharing this is that I'm planning on holding a LIVE Meditation Event on Friday, Febrary 16th, 2018 on Chinese New Year evening and I think it's really "convenient" that CNY follows the NM and not to mention, on a personal level--this is my year! The Year of the Dog!

This will mean a few things! Number one, this Dark Moon, though it will herald a space for the integration of all of the wonderful new things you've learned (and are holding space to manifest in your life), it will also continue to be pushing off and out the old codes and "stories". There is a different sort of gravitational force being exuded between sun, moon, earth and stars, etc... more directly, this Divine Galactic Trinity of Sun, Moon and Earth are and have been creating a sacred whirlpool of massive quantum energies moving us throughout time, space and consciousness existence--and continuing to do so.

It is a sacred weaving and unweaving. The meditation event I'm intending to hold will offer group energy healing (and individual--on a personal level), deeper insights and energy forecasts as well as address group questions, etc. I'll be sending out emails and posting info on my Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as my new Events Calendar!

Please stay tuned and consider joining us.

With Gratitude & Aloha,