Full Crow/Worm Moon - 1st March 2018

New video sharing a little energy forecast info (and a SNEAK PEEK at my new collection of intuitive orgonite healing/energy pieces!!!) in preparation for the first of TWO full moons in one month (again!)... paired with the Spring Equinox, this will make for yet another magical Blue Moon month...

A bit more info (that perhaps I didn't mention in the video) on what to be mindful of, if you're thinking of doing a working or a meditation of some kind... "Integration" and "Intermission" are the themes of the energies we're seeing and playing with. This is a time to complete any refined "wrap-up" that needs tidying, more importantly it's a quiet time for review, reflection and perhaps a little reset as well... gathering resources and assessing your own personal energies so you're aware of how to best project yourself outwardly and inwardly.

There's a deeper sense of respite in the air from the heaviness and external tension/chaos that we've been seeing... regardless of what may be thrown out there in the pop-cultural/mainstream media world, energetically we're being embraced by higher frequencies as a means of buffering from all of the harsh sounds and noises that aren't in tune with the natural pulsation of nature.

Regardless of where you live, if your mind-heart and focused intention is placed on your heartbeat during times of stress... if you can remember to breathe, to know your own self through the natural rhythm and flow of your own breathe and blood flow--your own heartbeat... you will more than likely have a bit of an easier time finding your way back to your-self. Just something to keep in mind if your journey has been bumpy or confusing, etc...

This full moon will offer an opportunity for everyone, again (mentioned in the video), to catch up and reassess things a bit... the energies will continue to ramp up again and push yet more new codes and frequencies through so... take a nice pause in this short window before the actual Full Moon event on the 1st and during the actual gateway-opening, be mindful of what you're intending or hoping to create during this next phase of the process.

There are a lot of opportunities for us to transform ourselves and the world around us in so many new and beautiful ways... opening our hearts and minds to the brilliance that is being made available to and through us--through relating and sharing and being in community together, we can expedite this movement into a greater body of unified consciousness in aloha, respect, compassion, integrity... healing and forgiveness.