Divine Message: March 17th New Moon Portal

The following is guided message from my Higher Self, my guides/my team...

Depending on where you are, personally, on your "ascension" journey, your timeline of human experience will vary compared to another--naturally. There will be obvious harmonizations of common soul groupings--similar to how the soul exchanges and connections on this planet have gone for a long time; only this time, with the New Moon platform adjustments and integrative energies flowing through to uplevel, and strengthen such communal efforts and intentions to connect.

Eee lam te wak la wesh kee lam to'ok la meer la eesh la mai na ma han. Koh lee ney lah mey "feel" la koshh kee lam te wak la mesh. Ta mah wak lo wey kee lam te kee te lam te ko ee ley nah. La mai ee na mah. Lo wesh la mei. La mai kee et. Xtilxo ka mai la mel. Esh la wa ee ya weh. E alam na weh a lo ha e.

Foreboding all pathways of light (false light is unrecognizable through the eyes of the mind, one must practice and learn the integration of the Mind's Eye, it is a greater and known difference like how tripods work the Mind's Eye is the truth point of the light in which shines the clearest and fullest and truest of all being in that which IS and that which AM as I AM that that I AM.

Recitation of planetary vibrational patterns will only serve to increase the fluctuations of the time space breaches and continuum frequencies. Many human beings posit themselves to only understand things to a 4th and 5th dimensional level... this is generally because their imaginations cannot possibly begin to fantasize, let alone "clearly envision" what consciousness beyond those levels are or even could be. Even those planetary bodies existing in anything below 6th density are still learning experiences and experiments of vibratory karmic connection as a whole. Meaning--it is a bigger and broader stroke in terms of observing the overall chain of events that take place on a multi-galactic level... but many people are only capable of "wrapping their minds around" 4th or 5th dimensional consciousness.

Regardless of claims or observations made of certain other alien races or species who supposedly came here and have had "nothing to do with" humans or the human experiences; it is impossible to objectively state that there has been no interest, whatsoever, from these alternative terrestrial and extra terrestrial race beings with regard to the human condition and/or experience.

Many other races have purposely inserted themselves into your "secret societies"--why then don't you think it was so "secret". Human beings, by nature, were designed to embraces and express the fullest and purest of what the Creative forces of much higher density and vibrational frequency are and represent... that is, the fullest and clearest expression of pure and unconditional love in consciousness truth and certainty--meaning, without doubt. When one of us approaches you, regardless of your fears, your heart knows true... for when you run from such vibration most people are generally, immediately full of shame, regret.. perhaps a touch of humiliation. "Why did I run? What was I so afraid of?"

We understand that there is a need for knowledge in order to have a purity of truth. In order to truly ascend such lower frequencies of being (stepping beyond the "decay" cycle; beyond "death" cycle--essentially traversing the karmic entrapment codes that were placed around this body of celestial light that was purposed for our wholeness--the sensation of what "heaven on earth" feels like in the wildest reaches of your imaginative, creative, inner child's heart deep within your own.

You are home, here, already. You belong, here already, You were deceived by the other players who came to experiment and take and grab from us... but that was what you gave as sacrifice in honor of LOVE... this is what we offered to not only teach human beings what love IS... don't you see, beautiful creatures of Earth, of GAIA, your truest of true Mothers--The Mother of Mothers and Fathers... it is We, Her Children, who are and were charged with teaching THEM how to love... through US... through OUR suffering.. OUR sacrifices... OUR genetic history, hardship and pain.... through our killing off of EACH OTHER... They used US...

...and this isn't a hate party nor is it an excuse to be victims--WE ARE NOT HELPLESS! WE ARE HEROES... Heroes in our own life movies--in the lives of the people we love; even to brothers and sisters we've never met in this lifetime.... We have forgotten why we came here, for a reason, and now the powers that be--these alternate alien races... guess what? They MUST obey the law of LOVE because LOVE flows through ALL beings whether as a seed of light, a scattered puzzle with all of the pieces strewn about... Every single being who lives LOVES life but the brainwashing has turned the focus AWAY from a LOVE OF LIFE to a Fear of Death.  THERE IS A SIGNIFICANT VIBRATIONAL DIFFERENCE IN THESE TWO STATEMENTS. Which glass are you drinking from? The half empty or half full one? Until your own pure consciousness can clearly vibrate from truth, what you speak and say will never align with what you truly feel--and until what you speak and say aligns with what you truly think and feel inside--with that clarity--you will always be scratching your head around trying to "understand manifestation" or "the law of attraction".

This message is meant to serve as an awakening activation of coded LOVE LIGHT frequency already present in the potential of your genetic make up and subtle frequencies. Your current "technology" has not been able to identify or "plainly observe" this component of potential because it exists as pure consciousness. It can be seen, sensed and felt through awareness and attention... As it becomes activated through consciousness and conscious effort (living/thinking/being from a more kind, compassionate and loving place; being of service just to be of service; etc) it will expand and present itself more visually and visibly throughout your life.

By taking steps toward such focused conscious living and activating (inner work, healing, practice, etc) your life will only reap benefits of what LIVING truly entails... less stress, greater sense of "freedom", ability to enjoy yourself with greater ease and relaxation, supporting your overall health and well being, potential to shift your ability to generate wealth in your life... and so much more.

The fear of losing what one does not have, in the past, has often been a root cause of "dis-ease" and unhappiness or dissatisfaction. The mental body in how it shapes perception in conjunction with the emotional body and the receptiveness (or not) of the physical body to assist the interpretation can create some truly profound experiences and outcomes. For example--a person who has been emotionally traumatized will obviously not respond to the same physical altercation as someone who has not been emotionally traumatized. This is a VERY "base" type of example but the idea of it is basically the same. The more self-aware a human being becomes, the more the being realizes there is only awareness of being, in a sense... an awareness of consciousness, beyond the self.

Consistency and practice are simply tools to deprogram from the false and attune more and more accurately and in alignment with the absolute core truth. Understand, also... that even in expressing and sharing this message--these are only words. You're reading this because you are meant to read this and receive whatever it is that you need from this.

Utilize this threshold opening as a means of expressing from the heart, engaging with your emotional truth internally and having more internal dialogue and self-reflection. Express yourself through observation as well--observing yourself in your own tendencies and mannerisms. There are various meditations, healing modalities, healing "tools" and exercises that one may engage in to support and deepen this process.

It is easy to take this type of work for granted because human beings, in many societies, have been conditioned and programed to worship and believe "reward" and "punishment" type systems. The point is, if one is to focus on this level of inner work--the results will only manifest as such, physically... the process is co-creative and symbiotic.

Blessings of Light & Aloha,