Aloha Friday Divination | Meditation : March 23, 2018


So, I've had these "Aloha Friday" ideas in mind for a very long time and alas, here's one of them! My first ever, Aloha Friday Divination. These mini & micro doses of divination are purposed and intention-ed to both accelerate and support your own personal, spiritual path and journey. My mini (1-3-card) readings / micro (1-3 minute) meditations cover the recent energies of the week behind you, the current energies of Aloha Friday and the future energies as we move into the weekend and your next full "work" week ahead.

I'll be adding a sign-up for my mailing list so you can be one of the first to receive these messages in the future. Also, once I launch my private membership section (*see Hale Pu'uwai Membership) I will be archiving these each week. Members will have access to all of the archived messages and so much more (please click here for details). Each week, I'll offer these in the following format, providing a visual (via my Instagram account(s) @kapualani_ and/or my soon to launch @candicosmic :)

Here is our first official #AlohaFriday Mini-Tarot | Mirco-Meditation reading for 23 March, 2018:

 Aloha Friday 23 March 2018 3-card, tarot spread (above) with accompanying interpretation (below) and guided meditation mp3 (further below); click image to be directed to  @kapualani_  via Instagram

Aloha Friday 23 March 2018 3-card, tarot spread (above) with accompanying interpretation (below) and guided meditation mp3 (further below); click image to be directed to @kapualani_ via Instagram


II Priestess:

Activating your Higher Awareness in ways you've not even begun to imagine, be present and conscious to the energies we are currently receiving. These powerful and radiant lightcodes are hyper-activating intuitive frequencies, which are stimulating the dormant seeds of coded light within your genetics. It is the inner-awareness within your mind-body-spirit connection that is being stimulated to awaken and to be brought online so to speak--with Your Higher Self and your innate connection to your higher power, Source. Being mentally, emotionally and consciously open to receiving and being aware of these higher frequencies and lightcodes will only deepen and support your progress throughout this process.


Growth | Ten of Wands:

Being aware that your psychic antenna (Priestess, above) is already attuning you to the cosmic and inner earth energies coming into your field... Growth in this sense, indicates both effort and expansion. For some, this effort will be more taxing and/or crucial; for others the effort may be that you're learning to both observe and expand on how you experience, interact, learn and create. Just know that even if you're still hibernating and hatching plans, the creative forces and lightcodes coming in are stimulating, supporting and nurturing you throughout this process regardless of where you are, progressively speaking... again and always, Your conscious effort to engage these energies will deepen the process.


XXI | Universe:

As you intentionally and consciously emerge and breakthrough, be aware that the universal and galactic, cosmic wisdom and energies and calling your Core Truth and Self forth. Whether you're opening up and bursting through with new ideas, projects, etc; or you're finally reengaging your work, relationships or even life in general, after a recovery period--what lies ahead and what's currently present is PURE Possibility Potential... and not only that, but the supporting frequencies and energies to hyper-realize your creative potential. Your future is here, NOW.

You're welcome to listen and revist with these micro-meditations at any point in the future, the energies, activations and downloads will always be available and "up-to-date" as the energies exist in a zero point state, infinitely available for you to receive in the quantum field. :) Mahalo nui (big thanks) for taking the time to activate your mind-body-spirit connection... a hui hou and mālama pono, till next Aloha Friday!


Aloha nui,