Aloha Friday Divination | Meditation : March 30th, 2018


Here is our #AlohaFriday Mini-Tarot | Mirco-Meditation reading for 30 March, 2018! Please keep in mind that in spite of the card you chose, my intention(s) were also so that the three cards present would offer cohesion in a past, present, future sort of perspective around the ending of this week, a look at the weekend a little insight into what we can expect come Monday/Tuesday of next week...

 Aloha Friday 30 March 2018 3-card, tarot spread (above) with accompanying interpretation (below) and guided meditation mp3 (further below); click image to be directed to  @candicosmic  via Instagram

Aloha Friday 30 March 2018 3-card, tarot spread (above) with accompanying interpretation (below) and guided meditation mp3 (further below); click image to be directed to @candicosmic via Instagram

Negativity | 5 of Crystals:

Much shadow and/or counter-intuitive type energies may be pressing against you at this time; even so, take heed in knowing that it's a process the entire planet is being put through. If this card came up for you, it signifies a combination of root chakra and mental body work. With the intensive influential energies of Mercury Rx paired with the 2nd Full Blue Moon of the year, do your best to bend your perspective in a different sort of direction. This card also indicates opportunities to shift out of old patterns. Change is being catalyzed in your life right now and even though it may not feel as though the answers are alluding you, breathe deep and know that this too shall pass.


Confusion | 6 of Crystals:

Interesting that this card should follow behind the 5 of Crystals... so much up and down, left and right, back and forth... where to begin, will it ever end? At this moment, Confusion in this situation is signifying deep and perhaps even more internalized transition. It's obvious that many are struggling with making choices at this time--some of those choices we wish we could avoid all together, no? If this card fell into your lap today, be open to being in the mystery for just a moment longer... if you find yourself stuck or even on the verge of breaking--be open to perhaps meditating or praying for divine intervention and have patience... you may get an answer sooner than you think.


XIV | Art:

As waves upon waves of intense energy continue to push through us, your ability to anchor it all in, while overwhelming, is beginning to stabilize and find ground. Not only that but new ideas and possibilities may be presenting themselves to you at this time and if it hasn't yet, it will very soon! If you find that you're still searching for creative inspiration, this card offers an energy reset; and moment of pause for reflecive insight toward manifesting your next steps. Consider meditating on the images that Art presents, if you are or have been at an impasse, just know that the guidance and movement you may have been needing is definitely underway. Additionally--the power truly is within your grasp, don't be afraid to seize the opportunities, things are moving fast and the possibilities are expanding.

You're welcome to listen and revist with these micro-meditations at any point in the future, the energies, activations and downloads will always be available and "up-to-date" as the energies exist in a zero point state, infinitely available for you to receive in the quantum field. :) Mahalo nui (big thanks) for taking the time to activate your mind-body-spirit connection... a hui hou and mālama pono, till next Aloha Friday!


Aloha nui,