Aloha Friday Tarot : May 11th, 2018


Here is our #AlohaFriday Mini-Tarot reading for 11 May, 2018! Please keep in mind that in spite of the card you chose, my intention(s) were also so that the three cards present would offer cohesion in a past, present, future sort of perspective around the ending of this week, a look at the weekend a little insight into what we can expect come Monday/Tuesday of next week...

 Illumination | Ace of Wands :

If you drew Illumination there are a few ways in which this could translate... The Ace of Wands always indicates some type of "newness" or an "ignition" of sorts. A new creative endeavor or something to awaken your creative, mental and emotional flow should be coming in, if not setting the stage. Additionally, if you've been needing a crutch or support of some kind, this card denotes that you will indeed receive the help you've been searching for. Lastly, and this is definitely a message from spirit--if you're wanting to start or jump into something but you're feeling some hesitation, (so long as your safety or another person's isn't at risk!) go for it... you've put enough forethought, foresight and effort into coming this far--don't look back now, you're ready for the next level!


Stagnation | 8 of Cups ~ Harvest | 9 of Worlds :

Gotcha! Harvest made a strong appearance along with Stagnation as I did the cards. Interestingly, I see how these two cards definitely relate with each other. The overall theme here is patience. Where these cards balance each other is that even though there are things in your life/experience that may be coming to an end, you have also amassed a nice bundle of positive things/experiences to prepare you for the next phase. You have some time to really collect yourself and your thoughts, still... even though it may seem like you're "always the late bloomer", guess what? The tortoise wins the race in the end and being methodical, practical and patient in the midst of the chaos (while everyone else is losing their sh*t) will not only support your success but it may teach others a little something too.


X |  Fortune :

Well haaaay, look at you! If Fortune was in your favor today, breathe deep and exhale gratitude! If you weren't so certain about how things would be turning out for you, take pause and heart in knowing this: IF for some reason, you're not feeling so fortunate just be open to the possibilities of the good things that might unfold this weekend, even moving into next week. It's been a long haul and you may be ready (if not overdue) for a really nice weekend and maybe even some good news... be aware too though, with fortune, you can't always tell which way the pendulum is swinging in how the experiences themselves will play out. You can, however, keep an open mind and heart, and be ready for the blessings to pour in... You may even be sitting within your blessings already--you deserve it.

Upon choosing a card, feel free to reflect upon the entire spread! The intention and prayer set forth while cards are drawn are to be in complete Service to the Highest Good of All who receive the messages.

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Mahalo nui (big thanks) for taking the time to activate your mind-body-spirit connection... a hui hou and mālama pono, till next Aloha Friday!


Aloha nui,