Aloha Friday Tarot : May 25th, 2018


Here is our #AlohaFriday Mini-Tarot reading for 25 May, 2018! Please keep in mind that in spite of the card you chose, my intention(s) were also so that the three cards present would offer cohesion in a past, present, future sort of perspective around the ending of this week, a look at the weekend a little insight into what we can expect come Monday/Tuesday of next week...


 Harvest | 9 of Worlds :

I know, you might be tired of working, tired of learning, tired of saving up or paying off... whatever it is that you've been managing, Harvest indicates that you'll be reaping the rewards of your hard work soon, if not already. Like the squirrel that runs around, almost seemingly "frantic" if not very purposed, collecting nuts and storing it up for the winter, your reading here is saying that while you are absolutely entitled to your share of dipping into your stores a bit (whatever that may be--whether it's finances, personal energy, etc) you still haven't arrived yet--you're almost there... so don't stop now, keep going. Just know and keep in mind that you do have a beautiful loot of "reserves" on hand--even if those reserves come in the form of friendships and kind hearts... which, for arguments sake, is kind of the whole point of life in a way, don't you think?


Passion | 10 of Cups :

If Passion has come alive and ignited your energies today, congratulations--you're in a good place and the outlook not only looks good but it feels good too. Rest assured, if you've been trying to get grounded or settled in any way (whether in your own skin, into a new job or home situation, etc), your hard work, patience and persistence have paid off or soon will. The "advice" or guidance here is to learn to enjoy the fruits of your labors if you aren't taking the time to honor yourself and the ones you love, especially... take the time to honor yourself and them--these are the true treasures that you came here to experience. The flip-side of this card is: We all know how precious life is and not to take it for granted--what varies each person is how willing one is vs the other to act on it... and not just take action but make an actual shift in every way.


Confusion |  6 of Crystals :

I know this card can appear a little daunting, heck it even sounds daunting! The beauty of Confusion appearing for you today isn't about calling out the obvious, it's about pointing out areas where maybe you might not be ready to let go. If you've been hitting a wall or you've come upon a big fork in the road, Confusion may be putting the mirror up so that you can really go inward to seek answers. Sometimes, even the greatest minds suffer from their own form of "writer's block"--rings true when it comes to big life decisions and/or matters of the heart, especially. Here's the thing--if you can be honest with yourself, I know it's not always easy heck, it can even be humiliating and painful!... but sometimes having a degree of sobering self-reflection and inner-dialogue is all it takes to awaken and make a huge shift; maybe even an up-leveling.

Upon choosing a card, feel free to reflect upon the entire spread! The intention and prayer set forth while cards are drawn are to be in complete Service to the Highest Good of All who receive the messages.

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Mahalo nui (big thanks) for taking the time to activate your mind-body-spirit connection... a hui hou and mālama pono, till next Aloha Friday!


Aloha nui,