Awareness of & Protection from Psychic "Spying" or "Invasiveness"

There are a lot of topics that I haven't written about; experiences and information I've never shared... I don't know why. Even though I've been dealing with these types of things for decades now; it's obviously still relevant, and to my knowledge, there hasn't been much information sharing on the topic of "Psychic Spying"--at least through use of electronics and remote viewing.

I'm personally still honing my own sense of spiritual clarity around "protecting" my field but I have more of an awareness now of what my intuition is picking up on then I did before. I even placed myself in a sort of spiritual "e-quarantine" to clear the infestation of invasive and distorted energies that had attacked and entered my field.

Any sort of *interaction* in general is prone to establishing some type of "residual energy" based on the connection--almost like a sort of trail of dust particles indicating the remains of the interaction that once took place... When this initial merging of contact or energy occurs (for example, as meeting someone new and initiating a friendship or relationship of some sort) a sort of energetic alchemy takes place, creating a new vibratory tone of *interactive creation energy*. When the two bodies of energy continue on and move forth on their individual paths, away from each other, a sort of energetic residue or marking is left of their soul interaction. This then creates a type of access point or if the interaction is significant enough, a psychic/energetic doorway to the other person's consciousness.

This is one of the more important things to note in terms of *how* others are able to psychically attack in general, but more specifically in terms of what we're discussing here. Any time there is cyber bullying involved, there is psychic/energy attack involved--so anyone who has been bullied or harassed online has already experienced this type of attack at a very obvious and "base" level.

Where the attack or energy starts to take a greater hold in terms of manifesting psychically is very comparable to when a person is emotionally or mentally triggered in any similar in-person type situation (again, bullying/harassing/etc)--only this trigger is catalyzed through some form of electronic interaction/engagement. This is where "blocking", disengaging or even electronically detaching all together may be necessary. There are individuals who may be "cyber spying"--for example, celebrities who have a large fan base or followership are very prone to being psychically attacked via electronics most especially the more engaged they themselves are electronically.

Getting "swept up" in other people's stories (or even their own) online especially creates a sort of energetic vulnerability. It leaves one open and prone to becoming overly involved, upset or aggravated in some way. People are being intentionally triggered (often by energies/entities/etc attached to the people instigating/initiating conflict) and therefore lowering their guard(s); which then allows lower vibrating energies/entities to attach or invade/interfere. It can lead to imbalance, temporary psychosis (frustration, anger, irritability, etc), and so forth... More importantly, it can lead to a lowering of one's own vibration and therefore removes the individual from being in clear and potent alignment with their Higher Self. (Being engaged and fully embodied in Your Higher Self is the activating and propelling component to ascension and "full ascension" of Mind-Body-Spirit as One.

This is where being conscious, meditating and having an awareness of your subtle/energy bodies is also very important and significant.

Psychic electronic attack can come through email, text, social media... basically anywhere and everywhere an electronic connection might take place. If the attacker is especially persistent or "intense" in their attack, as mentioned above, the first guidance in shutting this down (unless you have already safely attempted to confront the individual) is to simply "block" the person from making any sort of further contact with you. From there, it is suggested to follow a routine spiritual cleanse type of protocol. Specifically, it would be advised to do an energy cleanse/meditation on clearing all false/AI/electronic/lower vibrational energies and technologies especially. Reestablishing a foundation of sacredness, clarity and truth in light and love, coming into a state of inner peace, etc will assist in continuing to clear and protect oneself from such energies.

Obviously, there could be other areas of inner work being called for under such circumstances, but overall, the focus being on awareness and self-protection.

In focusing attentions toward "remote viewing"--this psychic technology is an actual practice taught and used very regularly. There is no *exact* way, necessarily, of shutting down any current invasion (taken on a case by case or individual basis) that may take place; though seasoned meditation and energy working practitioners may be more easily able to implement a *basic cleanse/wipe* of these types of remote interference technologies.

There are other Light Force groups who've been shutting down Dark/Shadow spy operations on much higher and more prominent levels but the tech is used by many not directly associated with any particular group.

Unless you are able to sense or be aware of what might be spying on you or attempting to remote view you, it's obviously going to be difficult to know. Trust your instincts, if anything and do your best to avoid going into any sort of 'paranoia'--simply do a psychic/energy cleanse and/or meditation to clear your field; or, work with a healer/energy worker to assist you as needed.

Crystals are wonderful tools to use in assisting to lift the energy of the space or dwelling. Clear quartz, black tourmaline, selenite and amethyst are wonderful, more common stones to work with in conjunction with these types of situations. By raising the vibration of your space it will assist warding off any low vibe energies/entities. Incenses, sage and/or any other smudging tools are also highly suggested in resetting and protecting your space and/or personal field.

At this point, a daily practice of meditation and energy cleansing is highly suggested and recommended as a means of supporting wellness and well being overall.

In the future, I will most likely speak more on this topic and similar topics... please stay tuned.