the cosmic crystalline realm the cosmic crystalline realm of the childlike empress welcomes you... click images for galleries!

 MoonKeys charging and cleansing at "the beach" (river lol) with one of my vibrant sacred stone skulls.

MoonKeys charging and cleansing at "the beach" (river lol) with one of my vibrant sacred stone skulls.


It all started out with a crescent moon and a dream... seriously though, this collection (and honestly, my work in general) really took flight the moment I shared my creations with my dad! He gave me a lot of constructive feedback and it really helped me to switch gears and build my creative confidence... thanks daddah! I am incredibly proud of and excited to be sharing this collection with you! Here I have combined individually crafted, sacred stone crescent moons, with unique and very special quartz crystals (of various kinds/types--all activated and utilized in sacred ceremony), laboradite cabochons and various "focal" stones (i.e. opal, aqua aura, etc). I have worked with spirit quartz (as seen on the far right of the image; my personal sacred piece) for other collections; and will be sharing the sacred stone skulls to the gallery and instagram respectively, so please stay tuned!

Faerie Realm (within the Enchanted Forest)

This sweet being didn't even announce herself, she came right through me... I feel she is an astral, cosmic aspect of myself... deep in contemplation, rich with cosmic wisdom, clarity and awareness. She does have sacred secrets to share, as does her faithful companion (the Cosmic Faerie God) and other cosmic company. As you enter the realm of the Cosmic Faerie court, keep your eyes wide open... you might miss something that you had hoped to have seen! There are many faces you'll find with their eyes closed, but don't let that fool you... they are anything BUT sleeping! To uncover the treasures and secrets of this Cosmic Faerie Goddess's realm, you'll have to think like a thief, walk like a prince and speak words and rhymes a little like a cross between the Madd Hatter and Mr Caterpillar... think you can manage this one, dear rabbit? :)

 cosmic faerie goddess with sacred wisdom and secrets to share...

cosmic faerie goddess with sacred wisdom and secrets to share...

the Enchanted Forest

This sacred and sweet space is one that I look forward to expanding and continuing growing with and from... Even I have no idea what all will transpire from these wonderful beings who just love to come through when I open the sacred stargates and begin crafting. Here in the Faerie Realm in the Forest of Enchantments, the ancestral roots of the Faerie Kingdom grow, blooming forth cosmic creations from the aether... often, this is the wellspring or lineage to other expansive collections... This is the sacred dwelling where the faerie guardians and children of the Great Fae Mother & the Great Fae Father roam, play and rest... it is home. Here my sweet faerie friends commune with me through our faerie keys and the adventure begins! They lead me to the most amazing treasures (seen here, image on left), it's never a dull moment!

Orgonite | Sacred Stones: XRSTOLS, Skulls and Dreams

Crystal Skulls have been in my experience for a very long time. I have not been very public in sharing these things about myself until recently; but I have been told that I am an "activated", living, Golden Skull... which is true! This means that I am a living crystal skull in that I contain and carry stellar codes of consciousness and I am able to communicate with, so far as I know, all sacred skull beings. Because of this, it's been a long-term dream of mine to craft and code my own Xrstol Skulls. These beings and all XRSTOL pieces I craft are purposed and intended for healing, protection and manifestation of your heart's truest desires... they are incredibly resonant in their vibration and energies and induce sensations or feelings of warmth, home, coziness, comfort, love, creativity, compassion and so much more of the feel-good-kinda-stuff! (more to come, please check back soon).