Hale Pu'uwai

Hale Pu'uwai (pronounced "hah-lay poo-ooh-vai"), in Hawaiian translates to "Heart House".

For many years I'd been humming and hawing over creating a sacred space for my work and the amazing people who've come to share in this incredible journey with me. I realize now, that Hale Pu'uwai, even beyond my own awareness, was inspired by the women who influenced me the most and first in life...

These Na Mana Wahine (Powerful Women; Goddesses in my heart is what this means) left with me legacies of love and eternal strength in which time will never shatter... true HEART, Hawaiian, Kanaka Maoli women... this is for my Mama, Dolphine who transitioned at the sweet and ridiculously young age of 31--barely missing her 32nd birthday... I was only six years old but she never left my side. This is for my incredible, tough as nails but soft, gentle and tender as rose petals, Gram. When my world changed, she loved me even stronger and more than I probably deserved back then...

This is for all of the Lost Girls (& Boys)--Women (& Men) who've ever needed a place to call HOME and never gave up, even when all they had was themselves...

It all seems to have flown by so quickly; and to imagine how impatient I was back then! I'm so humbled and grateful to have realized sooner rather then later... that it IS important to take a moment of pause every now and then to... b r e a t h e... to laugh, to celebrate... even to cry whether for a happy or sad reason.

My ultimate hope and intention in taking this manini (baby) step is this:

My humble and active intention here at Hale Pu'uwai is to offer a sacred space, where like-minded individuals can feel safe, open and encouraged enough to engage, interact, learn and/or ask questions whether light-hearted or deeply thought-provoking... this is YOUR opportunity to awaken to Your core truth; discover Your core passion(s); re-invent Your sense of personal identity and; especially, nurture YourSelf: mind, body, spirit and heart.

This is about Awakening the Goddess within and allowing Her to SHINE and RADIATE alongside other Mana Wahine.

Blessings & Aloha.

Mahalo nui,
Xara Kapualani & Ohana