A little glimpse into how I became who I am and who I'm becoming...

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Standing Rock : Water Is Life

In November of 2016, before the winter weather hit, my friend Lexa and I did a last minute fundraiser (which I'm proud to say was a success!) and hit the road to Standing Rock, ND to join fellow Water Protectors and had an unforgettable experience... to explain it all, well--it's in the works!

Colorado Rockies : Deer Medicine

In October, my beloved and I moved to Colorado for the season and WOW did Creator have a treat in store for me! The wildlife and energy in our home area is INCREDIBLE and I've received so many sacred medicines from the beautiful creatures here--especially my deer tribe!


Ceremony at Haleakala

This was during a ceremony I offered on Haleakala, Maui in 2014. I did a crystal grid and brought offerings for the kupuna (ancestors), the mauna (mountain) and the spirits of the 'aina (land).

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Giant Redwoods

I've been so fortunate to have seen so many sacred places across the country and my time with these sacred wisdom-keepers was humbling and profound. To be among giants, literally, living giants... it's unforgettable.

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Crystal Skulls

This photo was taken after ceremony in the Redwoods. My experiences and my knowledge, history, past lives, etc with these sacred and mysterious beings has continued to evolve and expand. Working with the skulls is special.

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