A little glimpse into my journey so far and where I'm heading...

WOW! I really don't know where to begin... as I'm writing this, and I look over to the photo of myself staring back at me, I find myself thinking... "Wow! That's really me! I made it!"

If I could (and perhaps someday soon I will) put my photos side by side from 10 years ago vs now, your eyes might pop out of your head! I look the same and yet I look NOTHING like myself--including significant weight loss! (It literally just melted away without me even putting myself on a diet, etc)

My point is, if you would've asked me five years ago if I saw myself living in Portland, I probably would've had a severe eye twitch! I've always loved this place so I'm deeply grateful to now have it as a new place to call 'home'... for now. :)

I don't know what will change even a month from now--I'll be traveling again very soon--but I do know that I'm ready to put the rubber to the pavement!


I've been diligently working on very SPECIAL crystal and orgonite healing jewelry and tools; putting together workshops and other offerings; and so much more! I'm incredibly excited to FINALLY be entering this NEXT BIG PHASE of LIFE!...

I've really been so blessed in every way... I really hope to inspire you on your own path, in your own life--in a way that brings you clarity, healing, happiness, abundance, prosperity and success on all levels and in all ways! In sharing small bits of the sacred moments I experience in my life, I'm really offering a small glimpse of my Heart and Soul.

Things are truly blowing WIDE OPEN for new ideas, new ways of being and new ways of relating and embracing ALOHA... now, and moving forward.

Please continue reading the pieces below for more... Mahalo nui xx

2016 SR kapua.jpg

Standing Rock : Water Is Life

In November of 2016, before the winter weather hit, my friend Lexa and I did a last minute fundraiser (which I'm proud to say was a success!) and hit the road to Standing Rock, ND to join fellow Water Protectors and had an unforgettable experience... to explain it all, well--it's in the works!

Colorado Rockies : Deer Medicine

In October of 2016, I moved to Colorado for the season and WOW did Creator have a treat in store for me! The wildlife and energy in our home area was beyond INCREDIBLE and I've received so many sacred medicines from the beautiful creatures here--especially my deer tribe!


Ceremony at Haleakala

This was during a ceremony I offered on Haleakala, Maui in 2014. I did a crystal grid and brought offerings for the kupuna (ancestors), the mauna (mountain) and the spirits of the 'aina (land).

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Giant Redwoods

I've been so fortunate to have seen so many sacred places across the country and my time with these sacred wisdom-keepers was humbling and profound. To be among giants, literally, living giants... it's unforgettable.

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Crystal Skulls

This photo was taken after ceremony in the Redwoods. My experiences and my knowledge, history, past lives, etc with these sacred and mysterious beings has continued to evolve and expand. Working with the skulls is special.

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Mahalo nui (big thanks) for taking the time to invest in my journey, your presence, aloha and support mean the world to me and I'm so grateful and happy to be here together! On a more personal note, I'm embarking on a number of exciting new ventures (with most offerings including use of *crystals*! *hint hint* ^_^) that I'm hoping to be able to share with you ASAP! I've only just begun to dive in on my new investments, but I'm motivated to complete and share so much more with you!

While I'm not quite ready to divulge too many of my secret projects just yet, I encourage you to keep a watchful eye out if it's something you're interested in. I often share most of my expressions and work (especially my artist work) on my Instagram accounts @kapualani_ and @iamthechildlikeempress.

My life has been blessed beyond belief and with my great blessings came challenges, and I have definitely experienced mine. Life is a process and we have such a beautiful opportunity to share in on this incredible adventure together, choosing to live our dreams and make a better world... I'm ready to share my journey and I'm hoping it will inspire you to activate YOUR LIFE today and STEP INTO THE FLOW now... Are You READY?

With Love, Aloha & Light,
Xara Kapualani xxo