2017 Total Solar Eclipse Lightbody + Meditation Guidance

 Total Solar Eclipse Light Body Integration and Activation

Total Solar Eclipse Light Body Integration and Activation

I am still working with this grid--I've added additional images below as extra support and meditative tools for your practice! I was guided to put it together specifically for this eclipse even though it's truly a working in process. Please feel free to stay connected with me on my Instagram accounts: @kapualani_ and @fromthesacredfire (I'll be sharing another version of this image there).

I had originally written up this beautifully long article on the Solar Eclipse energies and in perfect Mercury retrograde fashion, it didn’t save and got wiped. Luckily though, I managed to offer up a written guided meditation for you... something as a teaser for things to come. As a sidenote, come September, my blog will be restricted to the membership subscription section of my website with private access available, etc.

I'm so sure I loved that deleted article but alas! Here I go again:

Post Lion’s Gate portals and high voltage shifting of gears, we’ve really hit the warp speed button on leaving the 3rd-4th dimension behind "for good". What I mean by this is: The world we live in literally has shifted and is in a massive transitional phase... massive integration, massive collective consciousness work going on right now. What these radiant galactic light codes have done for us, is it's opened our energy bodies up 100 for this next phase. This is

something that hasn’t actually been possible until now. It hasn’t been possible in human “evolution” for our bodies to now be open to receiving light at this level (the 5D).

In upeleveling, it’s not just a person’s “spiritual knowledge” or “frequency” that increases—but what this all, also means, is that your “light quotient” is increasing and your ability to receive light is also expanding because your knowing of Light is expanding as we continue to move forward. While we've been merging and working to harmonize, heal and integrate our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects; for those who've been working with me over the years--most importantly, we are working to repair the communication and language between the Heart and the Mind--we are integrating the HeartMind.

I’m sure there are hundreds if not thousands of articles and write-ups on the eclipse, so I’ll try to keep it as straightforward and to the point as I can.

Your body is changing in a different way. The way in which you receive, perceive and project energy is coming into your awareness—the emotional and mental bodies are linking up and integrating. They’re merging and; in this merger, of course, sensations such as depression, low energy, insomnia, etc are creeping up for many.

That is a result of the energies we are experiencing. This eclipse has ushered in immense emotional and mental discord and fuzziness--but it's only brought these distorted patterns and wounds to the surface so that, as we know, the old can be cleared and transmuted to make way for the new... and that it will bring.

The total solar eclipse occurring over the U.S. will be monumental for a number of reasons but in a nutshell, it's going to assist us with our own awakening and even personal growth. It will bring with it, opportunities to awaken newer, healthier thought forms and ways of being due to the emotional and mental potential for liberation that it’s bringing. It’s allowing the old systems and distortions to fully shut down, chemically and biologically that old stuff is literally "dying off" so that new life (i.e. the New Earth codes) may spring forth. 

The Eclipse is set to be visible here in the Portland area between 9:04am with the Total Solar Eclipse occurring at around 10:15am. It will be a time to be sacred and still, to be quiet, turn inward and meditate. Prior to the eclipse, I recommend hydrating your body, taking good doses of vitamin C and maybe even a probiotic. Allow yourself slow and gentle movements, preferably remaining relaxed.

During this event, my suggestion is to breathe in light… breathe in a sense of calm, of peace, clarity, vitality and aliveness. See yourself surrounded by a sheen of opalescent, white light--rainbow light. Breathe this awareness of truth in and feel it penetrating your mind, body and spirit. This is a New Earth code for your field to begin to integrate with. Breathe in white light, the light beyond all light—the purest light of unconditional love and truth.

As you breathe in this radiant light, imagine now that it’s shifting into purples, pinks and golden tones; even seeing it flowing into teals, and pure sea greens and blues... now move that light back into white light, into rainbow opalescent white light and back to gold again. Wash this energetic sensation of A-LO-HA through and around you. Allow for the restrictions of the past to be done with, once and for all--have a moment of pause to understand, feel and express the emotion of forgiveness, release and NEW LIFE as you accept and embrace this gorgeous NEW EARTH frequency of A-LO-HA LOVE, Light of ALL Light, beyond the beyond… from deep within the core of Golden Gaia, to the Core of Galactic Central Sun and back to You.

Take this time to reflect on ALL that You Are... breathe this knowing in, this sight you see of your future potential self... waving back to you, saying hello--are you ready?

Mahalo Nui; With Aloha & Respect in Service,
Xara Kapualani & Ohana