I shot this during my mini-trip to Maui… seeing my new pink pareo (sarong) flowing in the wind really takes me back, it makes me reflect upon the energy and essence of R E L E A S E… initially I began writing this entry with the sense that “release” and “letting go” were one in the same—they aren’t. I realized it as I was spelling out the word “R E L E A S I N G”…

At first, when I was contemplating on “letting go” my energies and thoughts were immediately pulled toward a sense of loss and mourning… so I retracted from my desire to write and instead went inward, addressing what was coming up for me, personally. I wondered if I was supposed to actually share my experience—but ironically, I got so caught up in my process that I walked away from the computer entirely and ended up working on my art and talismans…

Finally, I’m here with you and I had erased the two paragraphs I’d previously scratched out—I knew that it wasn’t authentically something that was meant to be shared. In stepping away and reengaging this sacred dialogue, I realized my perception had been liberated from within—I’d experienced yet another subtle shift in my own consciousness and experience, simply in attempting to be of sacred service.

R E L E A S E, when perceived through the energetic phrase of “letting go” struck me in ways I hadn’t anticipated—because that wasn’t the intention I had going into writing this... For me, sometimes “letting go” feels like a burden or a punishment—my PTSD in life “from day one”… but if you’re me, you don’t stop at stuck… you keep looking—keep going.

Digging deeper I came to understand that the apprehension around this sense of release dealt with, not necessarily having to move on, but rather not knowing what direction I was heading toward. I’ve cast myself—not only my net—out into the void, many times before… what makes this particular round of transition and transformation in LIFE so much more different than any of the times before?

This time, we, as a collective, are maturing—we have no choice. The immense losses that we’ve moved through and endured have almost forced the masses to face their own individual senses of mortality… it’s a quiet and unspoken wave—eras come and go… cycles and rhythms are all coalescing—we’re returning to a state of grace… living in love, harmony—peace on earth, as it were.

So getting back to this energy of release… when you’re carrying a heavy burden, doesn’t it feel great to put it down?! During the Spring Equinox | Full Moon, I wrote quite a bit and touched on the essence of resurrection and renewal… this is where release, especially, is a way opener and space-maker for all that is readying to blossom and bloom for us. If we weren’t able to let go, if we weren’t allowed to RELEASE—how would we be able to continue on?

Release allows for new experiences.

Say that out loud, to yourself: “Release allows for NEW experiences.”

As a note—you can have new experiences with familiar energies. :)

We’re already aware of the fact that there are bad things that happen and people who do bad things… what’s more is, we’re maturing to the point of understanding that good and bad are not exactly black and white. At that rate, it’s fair to say that even the actual colors of black and white themselves occur in variations of tone, hue and so forth.

Accepting, release and/or letting go can sometimes feel burdensome or confusing in and of itself. Being conditioned into being responsible, for example, can lead one into potentially living with guilt—no one needs to carry that type of mental/emotional heaviness around. The energies of the equinox and full moon are continuing to push forth the process of planetary (and consciousness-wide, really) inner awakening… it’s time.

What are you ready to release in your life so that your inner awakening might illuminate and become brighter, more vivid and FULL of LIFE?

Sending you the utmost of love, aloha and bright blessings. Please follow my @spiritcrystalline account on instagram

Aloha & Mahalo Nui,
Kapualani xo