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ALOHA! A new month is here! Scroll for a look at my NEW ANIMAL SPIRIT* (deck and translation photos via Kim Krans“The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit” Deck & Guidebook) ENERGY/ASTROLOGY FORECAST for APRIL and see what the Animal Spirits have to say about what’s influencing YOUR ASTROLOGICAL SIGN this month!

Here you’ll find pictures of Your Astrological Sign’s Animal Spirit Guide/Card for the Month; along with Kim Krans’ (the author/creator/artist) book-interpretation AND my own intuitive/psychic guidance! ^_^

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Spirit Animal cards for APRIL

Spirit Animal cards for APRIL

I know I didn’t add a photo of the book interpretations of these—but that’s because I offer it up in the video! :) This month is looking to be quite full and full of continual slower/slow movements and growth… though the heat may be on, things aren’t necessarily ready to come out of or off of the fire just yet.

The work is almost just barely beginning, this month. All of the tiresome efforts we’ve put forth to clear out our closets and deal with the past are now becoming overly redundant and unproductive—the Animal Spirits working with us this month and influencing our April transit so to speak, bring some illuminating themes.

Regardless of my video interpretation and read—as I gaze at the cards I pulled for this month, I’m definitely present to a major sense of energetic doorways and opportunities opening up mid-month. Taking advantage of this sort of “rising light”, be aware that with it may also bring some competitive vibes… so don’t worry if you end up feeling a bit more worked toward the end of the month than you anticipated… it will pay off in the longer-long-run… if that makes sense… and even if your results aren’t quite as bountiful or what you expected, you should definitely walk away at least feeling much more inspired, fired up and ready to take May on with gusto and determination…

The end of the month will come with some hustle and push—take advantage of the passion-fueled fires, if you’re wanting long-term results, that is… if not, it’s ok to just let the energies move through you and take your journey where it’s meant to flow—just know that the air of competition and aggression (in a healthy way—if you’re doing the work “right”) will be amplified toward the end of the month so step away from socializing and heated engagements if confrontation and that sort of thing just isn’t for you.

Be sure to check out my video for a more in-depth look at the energies affecting us this month and SCROLL for YOUR APRIL ANIMAL SPIRIT ASTROLOGY REPORT and BOOK A SESSION with me to take a deeper look at how to work with and/or make effective use of the energies influencing You this month! Mention this article for a special sliding scale rate on sessions 30-mins+



It’s YOUR season Aries! This month will be your month to really go deep and clear any residual stuff that needs to go—OUT. Otorongo is a sacred spirit animal, especially in my own personal life… this medicine teaches you to transform, to walk beyond the realms of death and return to the light of the living. You’ll have a chance to shine, to grow and to see yourself in so many new and different ways, Aries—try not to let your own stubbornness block you from seeing the fruits of your own results. This is a time of transformation and activating, readying yourself for new levels… new experiences and new LIFE—if you want it. Panther Animal Spirit is a Sacred Guide who will show you who you ARE, on many, many levels… are you ready to go deeper? Are you ready to really see even more truth in yourself than ever before? This month, Panther’s influence will definitely open things up for new ways of being in your world, Aries—are you ready?


April could be a busy and inquisitive month for you, Taurus! Your life may suddenly feel a lot more movement happening than you’ve been used to these days! Be ready because you may feel like you’re in a hunting mode of sorts too. Whether you’re ready for a new adventure or you’re simply seeking a new start in life—something to shift things out of the “norm”—the energies of the Shark will see the gears in your mind starting to turn once again… you may be feeling a bit like you’re “searching” or “wandering” this month too—so think about any long-term goals you’re working toward and just realize that any restlessness you’re experiencing is really the vibes probing at your underbelly to prepare for your season—which is just around the corner! Shark Animal Spirit’s influence may mean that people are also likely to see/feel the vibe coming off of you so if you’re in a position of competition— don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage.

Hi Gemini! It’s like you already came and went before the month began! LOL The energies of this month will see you feeling fired up—you may just plow through April and forget that it even happened! It’s not a terrible thing, to have the type of heightened senses and energies to want to do everything in a “NOW NOW NOW” sort of way—you’ve definitely proven yourself capable in the past, Gemini—but just remember, you’re also wiser this time around and more mature in knowing when to act and when to pause—at least for a second to be aware of and real to any actual dangers or potentially poor choices out there. Take the time to consider your trajectory before pouncing—it will save you immense time, energy and potential mistakes as well. With Spirit Animal Cheetah in your corner, you’ll have so much energy—you may not know what to do with yourself! Again, this is why, making a plan even if is a mini one jotted on a post-it, will be worth it in the long-run.

I really love the visual of this card—the White Tiger used to be this imaginary mythical being I would talk to as a child… seeing this image now, my Cancer friend, I’m guided to remind you that your inner sense of knowing does hold accuracy—so trust it. This month you will likely feel as though your third eye and intuitive senses are being stimulated to awaken. You may actually see some spiritual activity or more psychic “stuff” (or occasions calling for you to use your intuition more) popping up… Animal Spirit Tiger is approaching to see how far you’re willing to go. Tiger is already aware of what your capabilities are, beyond your own awarenesses—so if you find yourself being tested, or you yourself are in a place of testing your own limitations, call upon the Tiger for insight and assistance… this month, don’t deny your intuitive hits—take a deeper look—and don’t let others try to deny it either… Tiger will suss out the real truth either way.

I’m happy to see Cobra show up as the Animal Spirit Guide for Leo this month! I associate this Animal Spirit directly with Shiva, Hindu God of Destruction (of Evil) and Transformation; protector of the Universe/Universal Cosmos and more… there’s a lot of inner wisdom, still, to allow to come forth—so be silent, be still and allow the various and especially subtle vibrations, speak to you. Feel the earthly communications as they approach; observe the energetic frequencies of their communications; and strike upon those ideas, projects and/or goals with clarity, confidence and a direct approach—because you’ve done the hard work and you’ve truly given it your all. This month subtle work through patience, persistence, consistency and focus will bring you the biggest gains especially… Cobra Animal Spirit is here is walk hand in hand with the Lion King/Queen—as teacher, advisor and guide… it’s an exciting time to be in the position of learning again, Leo… ready? :)


Still finding yourself in observation mode, Virgo? You’re so hyper-aware of the world around you—what about what’s going in within, dear friend? Everyone loves the beauty and company of this beautiful Animal Spirit, Deer, but do they know how to love you—do you yourself know? Knowing our own selves, what our wants and needs are—it’s often the only way others may ever know… If you find yourself in a state of reflection this month, call upon the Deer to guide you through your sacred spirit journey… the gentleness and soft, intuitive approach of this beautiful creature will lead you toward lighter—perhaps more enlightening—times but just remember, Deer isn’t about grabbing on and being vigorous so take it easy and try not to be too hard on yourself… this Animal Spirit will remind you what it is to feel free again, by showing you that it’s safe to look within… but first you must allow yourself to… don’t be afraid to see a deeper and more authentic You—are you ready?


I love this Animal Spirit Guide, Rabbit… makes me think of Trix the cereal—that being said—what are you so twisted up about, Libra? This month you might feel yourself scurrying to get things done—take your time and consider meditating with Rabbit to see what realities you may be unintentionally and/or subconsciously creating with any anxieties, worries or concerns you may have. The influence of April may put you into a state of feeling a bit sensitive to the world around you—and this month is promising to be a bit intense… if that’s the case and you find yourself wanting to hide out more than explore this month—don’t worry, this is just Rabbit speaking to you. Likely urging you to spend some time alone, getting in a bit of meditation or just some easy chill time at home or in nature… you’re a highly sensitive being Libra, respect your needs and let yourself rest especially if it’s feeling like overdrive this month.

The Black Egg has shown up as your Animal Spirit Guide for this month, Scorpio—the only sort of magical/mythical creature in the Stars this month… it’s no surprise either because this particular Guide seems to flow hand-in-hand with your nature… there’s much to be uncovered and revealed this month—but are you sure of your direction and/or where you’re looking? Have you been feeling the call of the spirit realms tingling on the fringes of your psychic antenna? The Black Egg is similar to a dark mirror, a form of gazing into a black bowl filled with water for divination. This month you may find yourself being approached with opportunities or situations calling you into a bit of the unknown—are you willing and prepared to take a bit of a journey? If so, look to the Black Egg for guidance, Scorpio—you love that sort of dark stuff anyway so it’ll come naturally for you, I’m sure.

April may find you deepening your spiritual quest—or even just life in general, Sagittarius. This month, you’ll be receiving an influence of maturity and wisdom to guide you on your path—and you’ll feel it too. The steps you might’ve been too weary to take, even a few months ago, will suddenly seem to be easier; making decisions that were too difficult to execute will come with a greater sense of confidence. You can trust yourself more this month in taking the necessary steps you’ve needed to take, to make the changes you’ve been waiting to implement and to get ready to move to the next level of things Sagittarius… and with Owl Animal Spirit as your guide, you can be sure to be feeling a sense of privacy in your life/matters too—especially if you’ve been feeling a little splayed out and/or too outward/exposed recently. Remember too, Owl is also a fierce predator, known to hunt in the dark—this is also a time of sharpening your skills and seeing what else is on the horizon.


I know for some, seeing an image such as Vulture Animal Spirit can be a little scary or alarming… don’t be, Capricorn. This gorgeous creature is here to make sure that whats done is done and what needs to be done gets done—the right way. That being said, April may see you finalizing some long-term projects and/or clearing out a lot of old history that’s been taking it’s sweet time to turn over and be done with. Even if you, yourself, are having a hard time letting go… trust that your sacred Animal Spirit Guide in Vulture will be revealing doorways of opportunity for your to cleanse, transform, purify and release all that no longer serves you, and more… release the past, release old pains and wounds… release old habits that no longer support or uplift your well being and happiness. Be willing and excited to let go and clear out the old—a new dawn is rising and soon it’ll be your time to shine once again…


I admit I chuckled to myself a little when I saw that Bat was the Animal Spirit guide for Aquarius this month! I thought of “Aqua Bat”—it’s the name of a band from Orange County that I actually saw in concert in my teens… LOL anyway! That’s sort of how your April might come at you Aquarius—out of nowhere! :) Be aware of new and exciting energies and opportunities to engage you this month. I feel almost revved up just feeling the vibes that Bat Animal Spirit will have in your world this month… you’ll be opening your senses up to even greater and more heightened states of awareness—so if you find yourself noticing things differently or new skill-sets being tested out in your life, just know that this is the energy of Bat working with you, Aquarius. Do your best to weave through any moving objects that come your way this month too—it might be easy for you to get caught up for too long on things that don’t matter as much as your ego-mind might believe… don’t feel bad about and don’t fret either—this is just a sign/message that something else, maybe something new is just around the corner…


So sweet, so persistent and patient, Turtle Animal Spirit is! A perfect companion for the ever busy-bodied, sometimes even busy-minded Pisces! Your guidance for April my Piscean friend, is to take things slow… see from a new, wider-eyed perspective and let the good times really roll in… it’s a month where you’ll have less effort to make and take. Has it felt like a bit of a struggle the last month or so or as though things were sort of moving and then stopping? If so, rest assured that things are going to start to move again… I know, sounds weird of me to say given your Animal Spirit Guide is Turtle—but the message this Sacred Friend is sharing with me here is: Consistency. So whatever work or project you’re focusing on this month—just keep up the good work because Pisces, have no doubt, when YOU, especially, put your heart and mind to it, aren’t your results usually pretty good if not awesome? :) Enjoy your confidence this month my friend, you’ve earned it.

May your month be blessed and full of love and light.

Mahalo Nui for Your Aloha and Support,
Xara Kapualani & Ohana