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ALOHA! A new month is here! Scroll for a look at my NEW ANIMAL SPIRIT* (deck and translation photos via Kim Krans“The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit” Deck & Guidebook) ENERGY/ASTROLOGY FORECAST for JUNE and see what the Animal Spirits have to say about what’s influencing YOUR ASTROLOGICAL SIGN this month!

Here you’ll find pictures of Your Astrological Sign’s Animal Spirit Guide/Card for the Month; along with Kim Krans’ (the author/creator/artist) book-interpretation AND my own intuitive/psychic guidance! ^_^

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Keep scrolling to see my NEW VIDEO (below) and check out YOUR SIGN’S GUIDE for the month! Also, for a FREE FUN BONUS READING, think of a question or area of interest you’d like some insight on and SCREENCAP the moving GIF below to see the Animal Spirit Astro Companions this month have to say.


June is met with Eagle Animal Spirit—in the meditation, I didn’t look at the “book meaning” of the card at all… and as I reflect on the energies and meanings offered above, I’m met with affirming energies. This month will see fortifying of the goals, ideas and manifestations that you’ve been working toward and on. June will provide opportunity to establish more solid foundations as you continue to break through old patterns and anchor in new ways of being.


As the cards flip and swap (left), they foreshadow an air of mystery that Eagle also brings. You may find yourself still weeding through some challenges this month; allow Eagle energy to support your confidence in trusting that you’ll have the focus and drive to clear through any lingering obstacles in the way.

With that in mind, Eagle reminds us to expect the unexpected—trusting that you have the skills and experience to handle anything that might come your way. Eagle will bring opportunities to grow, mature and to feel yourself changed, hopefully for the better.

Don’t forget to take a screencap of the gif above for a personal look at your own oracle/psychic inquiry. You can also work with this Orcale Animal Spirit to overcome any blockages that you might be experiencing. The meditation for the month focuses a lot on rebuliding and healing the bridges between the lower chakras. Eagle Animal Spirit blasts through with loads of Solar Force and Light, clearly representing and activating the Solar Plexus. Allowing these energies to weave and expand throughout the Lightbody and Auric Field, we reactivate and align Core Self with Core Truth in the vibration of Golden Wisdom and Higher Truth, Integrity and Justice—Balance and Harmony are restored to the physical chakras so that the physical body can begin to more easily integrate with the intensely high vibrational energies constantly flowing through.

Be in the awareness and intention of expanding these gorgeously healing energies to and throughout the entire planetary body and logos. I hope you enjoy this monthly meditation—keep scrolling for a look at Your Personal Animal Spirit Astrology Report!

- JUNE -

IMG_5142 2.JPG
IMG_5156 2.JPG


NIGHTINGALE is your Animal Spirit Guide of the month, Gemini—are you ready to speak your mind and share your heart? It seems your consciousness has been marinating on some deeper core energies for a while and all of the “deep stuff” is finally welling up with some clarity to be communicated. This month should offer streams of communications flowing—whether you’re having more conversations with friends than usual; or just taking more time to self-reflect and write in a journal… Nightingale arrives as a gentle reminder and energy of softness in your sharing(s), even surrounding you with such gentleness. As the book definition mentions above, engaging in and/or listening to music will help to align and balance you this month as you soar through the unknown with Nightingale in June sweet Gemini.

IMG_5157 2.JPG


CHEETAH is just making the rounds in the Animal Spirit realms and this month it’s your turn Cancer! You can be a mover and a shaker Cancer, no doubt, in June, Cheetah will truly serve your nature to get going… If you happen to be a JUNE Cancer baby, celebrate that Cheetah’s bright and sunny influence will be shining down upon you—you could have loads of that Solar energy to help influence your special day. This presents loads of opportunities for positive and bright new starts; infusions or boosts of energy if you’ve been lagging especially. On the flipside, be sure to use this strong power potential with focus and purpose so you don’t unintentionally wear yourself out, aiming for targets or goals that don’t fully align with your core truth… this means, the more you listen to and trust your heart, the swifter you’ll see your desires manifest.



Welcome to the the realms of wonder, dear Leo, as DRAGONFLY flutters through your (or should I say, “our”—I’m a LEO, woo!) world this month, you can expect the unexpected, so to speak. June will see you exploring your psyche a bit more and opening up to new experiences or even revisiting old creative styles/techniques/ways of communicating. Allow Dragonfly to help awaken you in gentle, soothing ways—if you can imagine waking up in a dewy forest, you can tune into the energies and frequencies that Dragonfly is promoting. This Animal Spirit is a being of playfulness and transformation—leading the fierce Dragon-being into a state of lightness, adventure and play, a welcome energy after last month’s visit with Bear. Be mindful to ground in any wellspring of creative ideas pouring through, Dragonfly’s dreamlike vibes could use anchoring.



The mysteries of UNICORN will be visiting you this month, Virgo. If you find yourself feeling a little “out there” this month of June, reflect with the energies of Unicorn to establish a sense of “inquisitive exploration”. You tend to be inquisitive as it is, seeking out the inner workings of the things that pique your interests—so Unicorn should come as a welcome companion. This month, be prepared to uncover some answers to your deep and burning questions—additionally, be ready to possibly explore a few rabbit holes while you’re at it. Unicorn doesn’t just lead you into enchanted forests, but probes you to explore what the forests offer—perhaps allowing you opportunity to uncover aspects and emotions within yourself that have been waiting to be revealed. Unicorn will bring new adventures to explore—what realms and rabbit holes are you ready for?



I love seeing ELEPHANT in the cards this month, Libra friend, even if it’s not my own Animal Spirit Guide! Elephant brings wisdom and love, clears through obstacles (as it states above, this Animal Spirit is directly associated with Hindu God ‘Ganesha’—remover of obstacles and promoter of good luck & prosperity) and anchors in the essences of eternity and family. If you’ve been hoping to feel a sense of confidence or restored faith, rest assured, Elephant is a trusty ally, ready to push things forward with power and strength—so don’t be afraid to commit to making those bigger decisions, dear Libra. This month, you’ll have the focus and willpower to commit to making choices and taking directions that perhaps, in the past, you weren’t ready or willing to make. Being that scales are your “thing”, learning to trust through Elephant will be positive for you.



I really love this image of SPIDER, Scorpio friend… the energies of this Animal Spirit seem to suit you as well—so this month you’ll be in good company it seems! Spider is a guide of intuition, hard work and abundance so this month, you may find yourself stepping into opportunities that will call you into action, Scorpio. Whether your form of hard work and abundance appear in the form of money or in the form of friends; be open to receiving this month. You should be seeing things “coming to you”—perhaps with more effortlessness and ease than usual, even! if you seem to be on the heavier end of things, Scorpio, engage the essence of Spider to stimulate your creativity. Bring out the color creativity and let yourself go to town—allowing the color therapy to help awaken and open your Third Eye window to the cosmos… let this cosmic wisdom guide you.



What messages and sacred wonders are you ready for COSMIC EGG to reveal this month, Sagittarius? “You’re your own keeper,” is the message coming to mind as I meditate on this Animal Spirit Guide. Regardless of what may have been pushing through recently, June with Cosmic Egg at the helm, will open up a variety of possibilities for you Sag. It seems there may be almost too many opportunities at times—but don’t worry, you really won’t miss out on anything. If you’ve learned anything from your past experiences, you’d know that you’re ready and experienced enough to differentiate the pyrite (fool’s gold) from the real deal gold… whether it’s in the form of relationships/people, work opportunities, etc—Cosmic Egg is a messenge that you’re ready to reap the rich rewards you’ve been waiting to endulge, not just bites to get you by.



LIZARD is crawling around your world this month dear Capricorn! Seems to suit your typical busy-bodied nature, don’t you think? The beauty of Lizard visiting with you in June, is that you’ll be stimulating your higher chakras of creativity and dream-like energies. With that though, comes a heightened sense of psychic awareness and intuition—meaning that you may be feeling a bit more sensitive or even a little “out there” this month. Ground by getting into more hands-on types of projects; perhaps even doing something creatively stimulating, especially it’s not norm. Lizard may dance at the crown and sacral chakras—meaning that your daydreaming and doodling (or whatever might be like “doodling” or drawing for you) channels may be opening up for you to engage. Consider what daydreams you might like to “doodle” into reality this month…



OCTOPUS comes swimming into your forecast this month Aquarius—ready to get busy? You have a stimulated and stimulating mind, Aquarius, so be aware of the influence Octopus may have in June. This Animal Spirit can help you to complete tasks and get things done without you even being aware of it or necessarily focusing directly on it as you’re getting it done. This month, you’ll have the chance to get A LOT done and well, at that. Be sure though, that with your excitement in completing tasks doesn’t lead you to micromanaging others or overdoing it on your “to-do lists”—we don’t want to see you overwork and overwhelm yourself, right? At this point in the game, you should be aware enough of what your body, mind and spirit needs—not just what your ego and/or heart might want so be sure to honor REST this month too.



Ooh, TARANTULA is creeping around and crawling into your world this month of June, Pisces pal! Being that you’re a water sign, your intuition can lead you strongly, so Tarantula will be a trusty ally for you to engage and strengthen your psychic eye. Let this being teach you how to hone your intuition through patience and a measured sense of taking action—trusting in previous experiences and life lessons to show you that you’re ready to take the bigger steps you’ve been waiting to take. Tarantula greets you like an old friend, ready to help you navigate the rushing currents and tides with harmony so open up to trusting yourself more, dear Pisces. Sometimes you can get caught up in your own head a bit—Tarantula invites you to journal; tuning in to your core truth, aligning your thoughts and therefore actions with your Higher Self for clarity and guidance.



Are you ready to get into some action with RACCOON, Aries? I know, you’re always ready to tackle any hill or mountain, come what may—this month you may find that you’ll be wanting more and more time in hiding—even if you are still scaling walls… in the dark. LOL What are you up to Aries or rather, what does Raccoon have in store for you? June may find you scurrying about, I can almost see you running around from project to project now—but I think you prefer to get your busy work done alone and in private, don’t you? Don’t worry, this is where you’ll see your Animal Spirit Guide coming into play, Raccoon will show you how to get things done while having fun and no one else but you will be the wiser for it. Keep in mind, there’s no such thing as “competition”—Raccoon imbalanced can get a little testy so take a breath if you start to feel overwhelmed.



You may find yourself in self-reflection mode this month, Taurus. STARFISH is your Animal Spirit Guide for June and asks you to take a moment of pause for reflection. This Sacred Being steps in as a mirror of sorts, as it parallels so many of your own qualities; focusing on beauty and attraction or charm as one of your stronger points, Starfish will remind you not to take the physical for granted. Meaning: Looks and charm will only get you so far, so dig a little deeper to find the actual answers you seek—even if it means getting uncomfortable and unearthing your own inner, core truths. Think about where maybe you’ve been taking more than you’ve been giving, are you overextending yourself? If you’ve been doing the inner work, Starfish will remind you not to take You for granted. Perhaps it’s time to consider where you’ve been giving too much and not receiving.

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