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ALOHA! A new month is here! Scroll for a look at my NEW ANIMAL SPIRIT* (deck and translation photos via Kim Krans“The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit” Deck & Guidebook) ENERGY/ASTROLOGY FORECAST for MAY and see what the Animal Spirits have to say about what’s influencing YOUR ASTROLOGICAL SIGN this month!

Here you’ll find pictures of Your Astrological Sign’s Animal Spirit Guide/Card for the Month; along with Kim Krans’ (the author/creator/artist) book-interpretation AND my own intuitive/psychic guidance! ^_^

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Keep scrolling to see my NEW VIDEO (below) and check out YOUR SIGN’S GUIDE for the month! Also, for a FREE FUN BONUS READING, think of a question or area of interest you’d like some insight on and SCREENCAP the moving GIF below to see the Animal Spirit Astro Companions this month have to say. Just as a reminder—I omitted the MONTHLY Astro glimpse card because I’ll be giving my own deeper, intuitive look at how Your Sign will be impacted by the ENERGIES OF MAY! If you happen to receive CHEETAH in your bonus reading, consider how my interpretation Cheetah might address or influence your inquiry… I hope it makes sense and supports you on your journey!


OK, I really wasn’t surprised when CHEETAH showed up in the cards as a messenger for MAY… in the video, I mention that Cheetah brings Divine Masculine energies and energies of the Sun as well. With swiftness and drive to take action, Cheetah shares messages of movement and a quickening of taking things to the next level… especially if you’ve been spending a lot of time shutting down things from the past and healing old, deep wounds. With Cheetah influencing MAY, you can be sure to not have much time to rest on your laurels so be aware that this month, time is especially precious. I know it might seem a little frustrating, especially if you’re someone with many goals to accomplish, but see what your personal guide is this month for a better understanding of how you’ll potentially be affected by these vibrations.

Don’t get me wrong—Cheetah is a strong guide; this Animal Spirit also reminds us that rest is necessary. A lot of the energies pushing through this month will be more like short intervals and/or flashes of brilliance and motivation. It only makes sense, seeing as how we’re in the time of Taurus that you might unintentionally push a little too hard this month—so just do your best to be self-aware, as I always say! If you allow yourself to step back and really observe and see the energies for what they are, in the moment, do your best to detach from anything and everything that doesn’t resonate or align and free Your Self from any and all ties that might feel or be binding—this is your time and your chance to shine… Let CHEETAH fuel you and help to push you forth, especially in times of need this month. Check out my video below for a more in-depth look at how Cheetah will come into play for the month of May…

- MAY -



Interesting that SHARK should swim into your world this month Taurus! Paired with the fiery and dynamic energies of Cheetah, Shark should come as a welcome companion and fellow hunter like mentality. It’s Your month Taurus—what new directions, adventures and areas of life are you ready to engage? Perhaps you’re feeling hungry and ready to discover new territories—focus on expanding your horizons by engaging a new hobby or two. Perhaps there’s been something on your mind that you’ve been sitting on for a while, waiting to act on—if so, NOW is definitely the time to take those steps. The book description above mentions that Shark pushes for authenticity and truth—be prepared, for some confrontation as well. It may not be an external confrontation though, you may find yourself confronting some inner truths of your own that perhaps you weren’t ready to accept or see before. Shark is your Sacred Guide, let yourself be open to the lessons and you’ll swim through with ease in no time.



Interesting companions Gemini—with Panther in your cards you may feel a bit restless this month, especially. I have faith though that you can manage the energies, seeing as how you operate with two minds anyway. Panther’s influence comes to heighten your senses and call you into the deeper underbelly of things—during a month where things may be on high drive, you may be met with a desire to withdraw a bit more. Nighttime will also find you shining a little brighter in your moods; and spending time away from the hustle and bustle of things may help to support and restore your energies. Panther, inherently, is a feminine energy so you may find yourself called to focus on self-nurturing and self-care—Cheetah will give you the will and energy to take action in executing those steps so don’t think of this as another one of those “Well, that sounds like a good idea but…” type of moments—do it! You deserve it and it’s just time for it. Panther is a fierce companion for overcoming obstacles as well so you’ll receive some supportive vibes of longevity with Panther at your side.



As FISH swims into your world, Cancer, be ready for things to get busy this month! I know you’re probably going, what do you mean “get busy”?! It's been a very active year for you so far. Even as Fish approaches you with a sense of readiness, you may find yourself overwhelmed or even a bit flustered—be sure to remind yourself to slow down. You may even be reeling a bit from a busy April season, your momentum will continue to charge through May with zest and vitality! You’re likely to be racing around a lot this month (or at least your mind may be feeling that way!) so nudge yourself along to stay focused as best as possible; especially if and when you find that life is spinning a bit too fast. Fish will also come in as a support in aligning you with energies of persistence and transition; so if you’ve been readying yourself for action and change especially, take a deep breath and dive in! The waters are warm with Cheetahs fiery presence and the the tides are on your side to take charge Cancer—just remember to stay centered in your heart and focused on your track, you’ll see the results of your hard work and efforts developing in no time.



BEAR medicine is a beautiful Animal Spirit Guide to influence the energies of May, Leo. With the intensity of Cheetah firing things up, Bear comes to slow things down and ground the fire in. All of the friction and toiling that’s been taking place energetically is finally getting the space needed to expand and grow because Bear is helping to anchor in the foundations and stabilize the, soon to bloom, growth potential that you’ve been seeking out. If you’ve been feeling overworked, Bear will also show you how to conserve and reserve your energies with more efficiency—a growing pain that some Leo’s have struggled with. That being said, be sure not to allow the natural heaviness and slow nature of Bear to distract you too much. With Cheetah moving things forward this month, you may feel overworked or exhausted if you overexert or push too hard. Bear will teach you to pace yourself and show you how to put your energies on reserve, while working on prioritizing and accomplishing your goals. With Bear, you may be a bit slower to get going this month but don’t worry, Cheetah is going to help keep you on track—just stay grounded.



Fascinating Virgo, you seem to continue to maintain your air of mystique—last month, Deer visited you—TIGER comes pouncing into action for you in May, are you ready to deepen your journey? With the Sacred Masculine energies of Cheetah pulsing through the fields this month, lunar-natured Tiger arrives to balance the solar-driven forces of Cheetah so be aware of any internal oppositions that might pop up. The beauty of Tiger coming through for you this month is that this Animal Spirit Guide will work to balance, harmonize and align you with your inner, core truth. That being said, Tiger will approach you with an attitude and energy that mirrors your perspective and willingness to accept inner truth. If you tend to avoid the inner work, Tiger may feel aggressive; if you tend to dive in, Tiger will be a welcome friend. The beauty of this type of energy coming into your world, is that it definitely hearkens change and transition so regardless of any anxieties or fears you might experience, trust that Tiger is in your corner. Tiger is ready to help ignite your inner core truths and passions so be ready to take action when you feel inspired.



It’s so sweet that FIREFLY has landed in your field this month Libra! With the energies of Cheetah racing through May, Firefly will be a nice distraction and point of inspiration for you to generate some creativity with. Remember Libra, you can get a little too distracted at times, so don’t let time pass you by too much this month—you may unintentionally find yourself daydreaming more than usual and this could cause you to lose more time than you’d like. Like a ray of light, softly glowing and leading the way, Firefly comes through as a trooper in the dark… have you been feeling a little out of sorts lately? I know it can sometimes feel like things keep whizzing by—it’s overwhelming and makes you sort of feel like hiding sometimes… this is where the soft vibes and soothing tones of Firefly can help gently spark and reignite your sense of inner drive and motivation to take action. There are new directions to consider, just be aware that your personal pace this month may be a bit bumpy. Even though Firefly is a light, its glow comes in intermittent flickers, be sure to not to overwork yourself; maintain focus and reserve your energies.



If you’ve been hoping and praying for the motivation, energy and drive to start taking action, Scorpio friend, get excited that BEE has buzzed into your world this month! Cheetah brings fire and strength of will to the fields; with Bee in your corner the aggression may be on high so be aware not to allow yourself to get into any heated confrontations—Bee might get a bit overly stimulated by Cheetah’s masculine nature so remember to take deep breaths and do your best to stay grounded while you’re buzzing about and getting things done. I know, it might sound a little strange if you haven’t yet hit your target on where your starting point will be for all of this “busyness” I keep talking about—but just go with it, you may find yourself picking up random projects that you forgot about and completing them with a fresh, new perspective and insight. Don’t worry though, the sunnier side of Bee also comes bearing sweetness and energies connecting you with nature; so taking walks and getting yourself out into nature will help to balance any over-activity and/or potential burnout that you may experience.



I feel like BAT is a welcome and almost expected guest in your world, don’t you agree Sagittarius? You may not feel ready or welcoming of all the intense Cheetah solar power flowing through May, with all of the activity flying at you, Bat Animal Spirit comes as an ally to help lead you through any challenges or dizzying times. Bat reminds us to take flight at the appropriate time and has the ability to guide us through even the darkest times—sometimes the darkest times can come from a blinding light of inner truth… so if you’ve been feeling some tensions; or experiencing some difficulties Sagittarius, consider taking a step back to pause and do some inner reflecting. This is where Bat can especially be a helpful friend to show you how to keep moving and if necessary, evolving as needed—May might be fiery but there will also be some friction so having an ally in the adaptable Bat will come as a friendly comfort. I know it can be a little challenging for you to clear out of merry-go-round situations, but if you can stay focused on working with the positive attributes of Bat, you can really make some progress in breaking through old patterns this month.



A MOUSE is in the house Capricorn, are you ready to get busy? I know, you’re already a busy bodied type of person as it is, but Mouse has come to help you put your whirling and swirling into focus so you can get things done—instead of just feeling flustered and unaccomplished. Remember, May comes with the vibrations and energies of Cheetah pushing through and paving the way so keep in mind—as much as you’ll feel like you have all the time and energy in the world to get things done, Mouse may also get you fixated on things that really don’t need your time and energy. That being said, get clear in prioritizing, organizing and aligning yourself with solid goals—keeping in mind not to get lost or tied up in the goal-setting process while you’re at it. Your mind may seem to be all over the place but if you can remember to breathe and clear your mind, Mouse Animal Spirit will have you getting things done that you didn’t even realize you did—and then some!



I love seeing FROG hopping into your world Aquarius. Frog helps us to cleanse and purify on all levels, especially emotionally. I know your passions and tempers can sometimes come in high highs and low lows—this is where Frog Animal Spirit comes through to show you how to be flexible and more than anything how to get moving and keep going. Be aware that with all of this wonderful Frog influence, you might unintentionally run yourself dry—remember, Cheetah will reign throughout the month of May and with the powerful presence of the Sun that Cheetah brings, you don’t want to overwork or overdo it in any way. Cheetah will give you enough substance to fuel your airy nature—if you’ve especially been feeling pent up and needing to get out, May is a good month for you to express your more creative side… you are quite the creative being Aquarius, let yourself loosen up this month as you open up to your expressions. As you get busy and moving, remember to have patience with yourself while you’re at it—you could find yourself clearing out old “stuff” that you totally forgot about but it’s ok, it’s time to let go and start fresh.



I have to admit, I’m excited to see TARANTULA showing up—I’ve had this deck for a while and I don’t think I ever read Tarantula before! You’re already a busy-natured person Pisces and being that you’re a water sign, you also have an innately intuitive personality too. The reason I bring this up is because Tarantula would normally be an Animal Spirit that seems to creep up on you but Pisces is good at sussing things out so this energy makes for a nice compliment. Pisces can benefit from this companion in that Tarantula will nudge you to utilize your intuitive nature more. Admit it Pisces, your fluid nature also tends to get to your head at times too, doesn’t it? If you allow yourself to breathe, relax and go with the flow, you’ll find that your fishy fins may spontaneously sprout into fuzzy legs—at least for the month of May! Even though Tarantula will call you to make some choices—possibly difficult ones—look at it this way: It’s an exciting time to make changes and take new directions. Cheetah will be making the rounds by bringing the fire so let the intuition of Tarantula influence you to make positive quick changes and go with it!



I’ll be honest, UNICORN popped up for another sign but I asked the spirits and affirmed it wasn’t the primary card so back in the deck… but Unicorn insisted on making an appearance this month and now we know why! May looks to be an exciting month for you Aries—celebrate, but don’t get too wrapped up being in your own mystery. There’s still loads of work to get done so keep the Cheetah influence in mind and use those active primal instincts to engage your Unicorn quest to Higher Knowledge or Deeper Truth. Remember, Cheetah rules through May so if you align your Aries nature with the influence of Unicorn, who knows what discoveries and/or unexpected developments might manifest in your world. Unicorn will come as a gentle teacher Aries, so be mindful that even though you see yourself as a firecracker—you still have a softer side that you often forget needs your attention as well… meaning—you’re strong, but strong doesn’t have to mean that you need to do things the hard way. Let Unicorn show you how to open your heart and mind, more than anything, to newer perspectives and maybe even reveal new inner truths as well.

May your month be blessed and full of love and light.

Mahalo Nui for Your Aloha and Support,
Xara Kapualani & Ohana