DNA | helix activation stargate realms

This collection is one that I feel has truly opened me up to deeper core alignments in truth and unconditional love. These pieces are actually still “in process”… so please check back for updated description details.

Current collection pre  DNA Helix Activations

Current collection pre DNA Helix Activations

MoonKeys charging and cleansing at "the beach" (river lol) with one of my vibrant sacred stone skulls.

MoonKeys charging and cleansing at "the beach" (river lol) with one of my vibrant sacred stone skulls.

the cosmic KI well

It all started out with a crescent moon and a dream... seriously though, this collection really took flight the moment I shared my creations with my dad! He gave me a lot of constructive feedback and it really helped me to switch gears and build my creative confidence... thanks Dad! I am incredibly proud of and excited to be sharing this collection with you! Here I have combined individually crafted, Crystalline Activated* sacred stone crescent moons, with unique and very special crystals (of various kinds/types; often variations of clear and/or spirit quartz but many more kinds to come and various "focal" stones (i.e. labradorite, moonstone, opal, aqua aura, tanzanite, etc). These sacred Ki’s are actually truly purposed to be like receiving an intense energy healing/alignment session with me. My clients attest to the Sacred Work I offer and many have already become Sacred Ki Guardians!

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the garden of MU:
sacred stone (orgonite) skulls, crystals + more

Crystal Skulls have been in my experience for a very long time. I have not been very public in sharing these things about myself until recently; but I have been told that I am an "activated", living, Golden Skull... which is true! This means that as a living crystal skull, the energies I encode and activate in these Crystalline Activated* special Sacred Skulls with stellar codes of consciousness and golden seeds of light ready to support and energetically align Your experience with Your Highest Good. These beings and all pieces I craft are purposed and intended for healing, protection and manifestation of your heart's truest desires... they are incredibly resonant in their vibration and energies and induce sensations or feelings of warmth, home, coziness, comfort, love, creativity, compassion and so much more of the feel-good-kinda-stuff! On a core level, more than anything, these Sacred Skulls are an Ancestral link to our Sacred and Divine Cosmic Heritage.

the galactic forest:
activated crystals, salts, smudges + kits

COMING SOON! Here you’ll find various Crystalline Activated* (energetically charged, balanced, harmonized, aligned, etc) crystals, smudges, bath salts and kits combining all three tiers. As a Sacred Woman, working with and utilizing these sacred medicines is absolutely essential as a day-to-day way of life. Daily prayer or meditation with the activated crystals and use of the smudges (kits are available for those who like an all-in-one type approach) will both deepen and uplift your experience. Integrating a regular practice of smudging and working with crystals especially can profoundly impact your stress levels, clarity and focus. With guidance and consistent practice, these tools can become powerful allies in working toward manifestation and personal energy healing.