Aloha Friday Tarot : July 13th, 2018


Here is our #AlohaFriday Mini-Tarot reading for 13 July, 2018! Please keep in mind that in spite of the card you chose, my intention(s) were also so that the three cards present would offer cohesion in a past, present, future sort of perspective around the ending of this week, a look at the weekend a little insight into what we can expect come Monday/Tuesday of next week...


 This week's Aloha Friday Tarot reveal found at  @candicosmic

This week's Aloha Friday Tarot reveal found at @candicosmic

2 | Sacral Chakra :

If the Sacral Chakra has made its way into your weekend, just know that it's OK to feel not OK right now. There are a lot of intense energies pushing through the lower chakras, so it is likely you are present to the pushing and pulling. You may be having cravings or seeking creature comforts of sorts--this would be an indication that your 2nd chakra is out of balance. Take it easy on yourself mentally and emotionally; perhaps go out for a walking meditation or dance in your room at home a little to move the energy. If you've been feeling a bit "stuck", overwhelmed or out of synch--it's ok, your Sacral Chakra is just needing a good reset.


4 Spiritual | Joy & Stability :

Loads of light and energy are pushing through at this time! It's wonderful and yet, what do you do with all of this ENERGY? Being so awake and present to life never felt so good--however, if you've been finding it difficult to gain footing, read above! The lower chakras are really going through it but not to worry, you have options. It may seem a little overwhelming to suddenly have more choices at your fingertips than you actually imagined but believe it because it's really happening. Choosing your direction might be a challenge but just know that as you step forward, the stability will set in. It's like Indiana Jones, sometimes taking a leap of faith into the unknown is really all it takes...


8 Physical | Dedicated Effort :

If you build it they will come. It's funny, everyone probably knows that quote but I wonder who
knows what movie it was from? In Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner's character receives messages and visions from the other side urging him to build a baseball field and everyone thought he was nuts except his kid... in the end the whole nation pretty much showed up. I can't say that the whole world will actually show up to your proverbial field of dreams but I can say that if you build it, it WILL happen. What your heart wants is not wrong, it's true... so don't give up! You've already come so far, keep your eyes on the prize... it really is worth it in the end.

Upon choosing a card, feel free to reflect upon the entire spread! The intention and prayer set forth while cards are drawn are to be in complete Service to the Highest Good of All who receive the messages.

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Mahalo nui (big thanks) for taking the time to activate your mind-body-spirit connection... a hui hou and mālama pono, till next Aloha Friday!


Aloha nui,