Aloha Friday Tarot : July 27th, 2018


Here is our #AlohaFriday Mini-Tarot reading for 27 July, 2018! Please keep in mind that in spite of the card you chose, my intention(s) were also so that the three cards present would offer cohesion in a past, present, future sort of perspective around the ending of this week, a look at the weekend a little insight into what we can expect come Monday/Tuesday of next week...



10 | Flow :

Traditionally associated with The Wheel of Fortune, Flow in this deck focuses more on allowing yourself to move with ease at this time. There's a lot of heaviness, a lot of tender nerves and low energy--in spite of the positive possibility potential you may be surrounded by, this is a time to just take it easy... The saying, "Go with the flow," couldn't ring more true than now. The nice thing about Flow showing up, is that it means movement, regardless of whether or not you find yourself moving at a snail's pace. Allow yourself to build gentle consistency moving through the next few weeks, honestly. These potent full moon eclipse energies are pushing things forward enough as it is, let it be effortless.


7 Chakras | Crown :

This spread bounced between the Crown and the Sacral chakras but in the end the Crown won. Reason being--your crown is receiving INTENSIVE lightcodes, stimulation and activations to open up, expand and hypertransform your mental, emotional and physical bodies. The crown is the doorway to Creator's Sacred Light, the Higher Realms; it's the window to the third eye awareness and where we are currently awakening to our own Higher Selves. If Crown Chakra is visiting you, stimulation of this area (light massaging, placing soothing crystals, anointing with soothing/calming oils, etc) will deeply affect and support your current process. Your dreams will also be very telling so pay attention.

2 Emotions | Coming Together :

Coming Together relates with the Two of Cups and offers a higher and more expansive bridge in the realm of unconditional love. You may have been struggling a bit; paired with the Aquarian full moon eclipse, this card indicates that the rough edges and sensitive nerves will soon receive some relief if not already. I know it's been a challenging week, month, year even--you're almost there! Coming Together says that support, if you've needed it especially, and even reunion and repair, are underway... but it must all start and come from within first and foremost. Deep and loving healing energies will be presenting themselves to you, perhaps in subtle ways... keep an eye out.

Upon choosing a card, feel free to reflect upon the entire spread! The intention and prayer set forth while cards are drawn are to be in complete Service to the Highest Good of All who receive the messages.

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Mahalo nui (big thanks) for taking the time to activate your mind-body-spirit connection... a hui hou and mālama pono, till next Aloha Friday!


Aloha nui,