New Moon | Meditation Event

This Saturday, August 11th, 2018 will herald the New Moon for the month of August. I've already done a write-up and a little prep video but I'm really excited for the GROUP MEDITATION on Saturday at 7pm PST (HP Members FREE; email to RSVP)!

I'm sure that you've been feeling the vibes--they've obviously been strong, haven't they? It seems there may be so many ideas popping off in your mind--possibly even many projects happening all at once--how are you keeping track of what day it is?! LIFE FORCE, MANA and yes, MANNA, is really pushing through and pulsating throughout the galaxy. Regardless of the lows that I'm sure many have been experiencing, there's still an overwhelming sense of inner peace or knowing, washing over. Don't worry, if you're wondering where the heck your sense of inner knowing is--hold tight; join the meditation; and in the meantime do your best to ground and focus on your breath.

We have so many immense opportunities to raise our personal vibrations, magnifying our ability to manifest, co-create and so much more... and in doing so, we open the fields up to our loved ones and those around us! This New Moon is like a fresh, quiet morning tide rolling in after a bit of a tropical storm from the night before... and if you've never experienced something like that, just imagine a fresh, cool, misty rain in the morning hitting you just the right way as you sip your cup of tea or coffee... Even though it's not quite autumn (sorry, I LOVE the fall), August, for whatever reason, has always touched on that in between space for me, seasonally speaking. With the Lion's Gate, of course, it is definitely a month of power, projection and prosperity.

So with that being said, get ready to dig your heels in a bit... if you've been working on something meaningful, well done. If you continue to align with your vision(s) and you put in the dedicated effort, you will reap what you've sown, especially by the time winter rolls around.

Be willing to look even deeper within... trust what you feel, but in order to do that, you must first understand yourself from your pain--your wounding all the way through and to your core truth.

I hope you'll join us tomorrow.

Aloha nui,