New Moon 9:9:9 (9 Sept 2018)

The energies of this New Moon are and have been quite present to me in MANY ways! How have you been managing? Being in the UK has really been a nice sort of "homecoming" in a way--even though I know I'm not "from" here... my body feels very familiar with this land and I know that my soul is definitely aware. 

We will soon be moving into NEW realms both personally and collectively. Many will start to open up to exercising more of their artistic (or even scientific) and rather more expressive sides. Others may begin to seek more isolation for a bit of soul-searching and self-development. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers--understanding who and what You are internally will definitely help though. There's no need to go off on an Eat, Pray Love vision quest or journey--you only need to be aware of You and your own sense of self, self-fulfillment, etc. 

I have a sense that there may also be some harsh "blow back" in other ways. I feel a deep sense of anger and explosiveness on the fringes as well. The completion of an old and outdated, lack-driven consciousness is Here, NOW. BE-ing Present to the moment, while grounded in Truth and rooted in Love--the vision becomes so much clearer, so much easier to see. Don't you agree? 

At any rate, consider focusing your New Moon energies and intentions on hyper accelerating your "sense" of awakening, while expecting NOTHING. This is an opportunity for you to essentially select your roundest, best skipping stone because you're up next to start making wishes and seeing how far you can get those wishing stones to skip across the lake or sea of dreams... in other words, be opening to calling in a deeper sense of PLAYFULNESS in your journey... we have been doing so much clean up, so much clearing--it's time to bring in some balance with some serious rest and relaxation. 

"The work" will always be there--it's part of the glory of it all--but if you can believe it, REST can also seem like a lot of work as well!!! Especially for those who are creative and deep thinking/feeling/experiencing... Rest is work we do to allow our body, mind and spirit to reintegrate, reharmonize and rehabilitate. September and this potent 9:9:9 stargate alignment will bring MANY things to completion once and for all. This is partially why, REST will be somewhat imperative. 

Allowing your body the proper time to shut down and heal will deeply impact your ability to move more fluidly through the push and pull of the heavy energies we are dealing with. More and more people may merge with past/present/future timelines which may bring more confusion and indecision or feelings of uncertainty--do your best to breathe, remain calm and remember, you're safe, you are loved and supported. If you have loved ones whom you are concerned for, send them love and visualize them doing well--do your best to project as much positivity and love to and for everyone as best as you can, even those who may seem to "want" to do harm. 

Use this New Moon energy to finalize any areas where you feel regret or loss as well--if you're ready to move on and let of the past once and for all, now would be a good time to really put those energies to rest. It's not that you need to cut anyone or anything out of your life and be done like a bat of out hell, LOL, no, just walk away... be done. Let LIFE, Creator, etc take care of the rest--KNOW what you have going for you. KNOW what Your Power IS and OWN it. 

Aloha nui,