More on 2019 and Beyond...

Welcome to the NEW YEAR! It’s 2019 and I don’t know about you, but it seems like the “relevance” of the actual “year” seems to be becoming less and less important… While we will see a decent window of rest, get ready because on January 21st, 2019 we will experience a supermoon, wolf moon, full blood moon—a total lunar eclipse; this will not occur again until May of 2021. This sacred gateway marks another opening and closing in a succession of negative to positive to zero point to golden-timeline, time-space-continuum shift-space or slipstream of potential possibility the planetary body will be undergoing.

Regardless of what people “want” the consciousness embodiment of the planet is hyper-reversing to origin core zero. This is another shadow phase of consciousness embodiment under review and a finalizing chapter in the more dark matter material of things. Here’s where someone like yourself has a head start… because you’re actively aware of the impending weather—here’s some easy tips on how you can prepare:

Start loving yourself moreI know it sounds crazy, but this is really and truly the key to a better world and essentially how we begin to change shift things from the inside out. But HOW can you accomplish this? It’s so much deeper and more engaging than even going to the spa for a “treat-yo-self” spa day and literally costs you nothing… want to know what this fabulous product/technique is?

Easy—listen. Listen to your inner voice—the one that says “I’m thirsty, I need water”. You may not even hear this voice, you may still be in the passenger seat of your own experience. If this is the case, activate yourself and you link to this Source of Higher Consciousness by activating your position as the driver.

Dare to dream, to conjure or call out a dream—this is where your sense of childlike wonder is being called forth to play… for some, this sense of lightheartedness isn't quite so easy to engage. In fact, even the thought or consideration of being cared for, experiencing tenderness or a mirror of compassion and kindness feels so foreign, they can’t even imagine a life full of it, let alone how to initiate such contact.

Sometimes we need to be willing to address the reason(s) why we stopped dreaming in the first place in order to even begin to allow ourselves to consider even wanting to set a goal for ourselves. Regardless of where you are on your journey—even if you are currently working on your dream; consider taking a moment to breathe a bit of new life and energy into where you are, NOW. Manifestation, in general, is very similar to building a house—it takes time and layers to complete… and even once it’s finished, moving in and turning a “house” into a home, as we know, carries a completely different meaning.

Call for reinforcements, seek out inspiration—it helps to ask for help! In today’s world we’re softening this approach by empowering each other with the word SUPPORT. It’s OK to ask for support—it’s OK to offer it as well. Also, this could apply to creative, collaborative situations as well! Remember, this is a time of co-creation and positive change—if you’ve been going it alone, doesn’t it sound nice to be in good company? Conversely, if you’re constantly surrounded by friends, family and other voices, perhaps take some time out to self-reflect and seek out inspiration through nature—any new interactions and/or experiences that might stimulate and support your creative expressive energies. Remember, “creative” does not necessarily need to translate as “arts and crafts”, you can be creative in any aspect of life.

Schedule a session—hands down, you feel me on this and I know that you do! Here’s something practical and in fact also highly logical to consider: You work very hard or at least are doing your best to financially provide for yourself so that you can live, right? Why not put some extra 5’s, 10’s and occasional 20’s aside so that at least once a month you allow yourself some form of deep self-care? Whether your self-care treat for the month is a massage, a session with me (or another practitioner/guide you resonate with) or a complete spa day… whatever your form of deep self-care you feel would best support you, take time to make time and make it a priority as a necessary part of your budget. I fully understand that it’s a stressful time to be considering “extra stuff” but the extra stress is EXACTLY WHY making this type of investment will pay off—sometimes literally INSTANTLY (I’ve seen it in my own personal experiences—it’s how you LIVE into the “Law of Attraction”)

You can even go to a thrifty but amazing foot reflexology-type place that charges as little as $20! They’re actually really nice and these practitioners know their stuff! But do your research and seek out recommendations in your area for sure! Otherwise, as a Hale Pu’uwai member your discount rate applies and I’m so happy and ready to support you on your journey. Also, I realized not everyone is aware that I offer sacred strategic mentoring (basically setting up a routine where we meet regularly whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) so I wanted to make sure to mention it now! :)

Remember 2019 is resonating at a 12/3 frequency so we’re looking at the key of 3 in the 4 directions—accessing the dodecahedron sacred codes, rooted into/with-in and expanding beyond/with-out the sacred trinity. Sacred Keeper, AA Metatron shares that we are entering into a period of deep and what will seem to be almost eternal/neverending period of unrest… a deep and welling spiritual mourning is taking place and humanity is sobering up to the consequences of numbing their pain receptors and frequency codes (this will be explained further in future write-ups). There is a residual balance keeping hold of the lightcodes and essentially forcing the outer reaches to expand themselves beyond their own horizons. The new seeds of light are giving way to birth and pave entry for the genesis of time to hold space deep within the underbelly/undercurrent of the vastness/voidness/space/time/continuum in frequency codes and energy input-output.

Keep an eye out for more and in the meantime, I’m wishing you so much joy, love, light and blessings for an incredible 2019… and Beyond!