Pre|Full Moon Energies July 2018

So much of what has transpired recently can be attributed to much of the progress that's been made in the "galactic shutdown" process. We've talked about and heard about these "old portals" or old pathways/patterns of energies would continuously cycle in a loop--seemingly without end or shift in sight... but perhaps the feeling remained and is what has kept us pushing forward, toward that next threshold into a deeper and more fully engaging LIFE experience.

Physically, our bodies, (as has been expressed previously) are responding to the actual physical shift in that the planetary body is and has been making in shifting on it's axis. For those who are particularly empathic|intuitive, the process may be quite noticeably palpable.

The lower body and especially the lower level chakras (located predominantly in the mid/lower abdominal region) are being deeply affected right now. If there are any areas within your life where there is strain, pain, ache, etc--meditate on these areas with gentle and conscious, effective breathing; visualizing a stream of deep sapphire blue golden white light moving from Galactic Central Solaris Sun all the way through and through to the deep and gorgeously rich pink, magenta gold silver platinum white light of Gaia Sophia Heart Center and back up and around you... imagining that these streams of gorgeous and fluid light are pulsating, circulating and moving through you mind, body and spirit. Being in the awareness that even as you breathe and read these words, you are receiving the magnificent healing energies and fluid starseed stellar solaris activations of Galactic Golden Gaia rich LIFE essence in LIGHT...

The rich and abundant streams of Golden Template light codes are flooding the planetary body, filling in, sealing and healing the planetary field and all of the areas in which She's been severely infiltrated and "lacking" in proper light-coded nutrients and support... the right levels of LOVE Consciousness.

Because the planetary body is awakening with consciousness of LOVE and Gratitude, especially, the planet, herself is able to substantially respond. It has been a matter of urgency that the awakening begin a process of mass light particle collision conversion... in other words, the hyper expanding and integrating of even deeper, substantial Light Awareness and Awakened Consciousness and Being.

Focus on being even more aware of and in relationship with your physical body. Treat and speak with your precious form/vessel as if this being were your baby or child. Be attentive to how your body literally feels and is feeling; especially if you find yourself lacking in focus, direction, motivation or drive. The potency of energies and the swift shifts and opportunities to expand right now are really driving A LOT of Force in the fields... basically, what this means is, very very soon you may find yourself feeling a wonderful sense of "anything's possible" more and more. We are in a deeply expansive state with immense opportunity to really move toward bigger and brighter things. Regardless of what your personal vision may be, the more positively engaged and focused you are in practicing heart centered active awareness, the more you will begin to align in more effectively co-creating those manifestations.

The field of possibility potential is ripening with sweet fruit for us all to experience... and while there's still no "rush" just remember--the longer you put off the things that could have been done yesterday, the more you'll find yourself twisting back to look at the past. Being present to LIFE, engaging in relationship with ALL aspects of you--including forming a healthy relationship and dialogue with the actual biological "human" part of you--your body! Treat your body as you would your best friend, lover, companion and/or child and you may be shocked at what you discover... be kind, be loving and compassionate... learn to listen to your inner voice--this is an assisting force, guiding your compass as you navigate through life. The more critical and judgemental your are toward yourself, the more your body, mind and spirit will bow in that emotional direction. It is not something necessarily done "purposefully" or "consciously" but it happens.

Conversely, be aware of your reactive mind/voice toward others or the world around you... self-awareness and the ability to truly perceive and be a student to life and your own experience is extremely special and unique to each and every one of us. Kindness, compassion and patience are qualities that have been implementing deeper and deeper roots within the core construct of the masses, especially as of late.

We have begun to transcend the lower, especially outdated and defunct timelines of separation and illusion. As we begin to come back "online" with all levels, layers and lifetimes of ourselves our bodies are following suit, accordingly. Going on long, meditative walks will be very helpful as a whole-body/person sort of working to shift into a more harmonious state on all levels.

Keep breathing deeply and moving forward with confidence in knowing that you belong here... You're meant to be here and your life is precious, valid and honored as the LOVE in which You ARE.


Aloha nui,