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* You may use the same steps below to book your Phone/Skype appointment ONLY ONE-HOUR SESSIONS AVAILABLE on the website (please contact me for shorter options)—please include a phone number/Skype/FaceTime (Audio) Info where I may contact you for our call along with your general availability (timezone/location and days/times you’re available).

In this section, PLEASE BE SURE to answer/complete ALL of the following questions in your request unless you are a repeat/returning client:

  1. Please include FIRST, MIDDLE (if applicable) & LAST NAMES; and your complete date of birth.

  2. Please reasonably indicate (clear, concise bullet-points are often best unless additional info is essential) any areas of concern, in particular, that you'd like me to focus on (whether you are experiencing pain, discomfort, confusion, etc in body, mind, spirit, emotions, etc). On INTUITIVE E-SESSION orders, please note the available options in the PayPal menu below.

  3. What are your goals and intentions in ordering your e-session today?

  4. Do you meditate regularly? If not, are you willing to start? If so, are you open to watching some free informative videos on my YouTube channel to support this process further? If not to any of this, why not?

In this type of work, you can look forward to receiving an energy report OR intuitive assessment/reading (which will be much more detailed, in depth and informative with guidance, advice and energy clearing as needed) and video/mp3 attachment or link. Generally, especially if this is your initial request, we will access and tap into an areas such as (but not limited to) the "Akashic Records"; animal spirits/guardians/etc; telepathic/energetic multidimensional sound healing and toning (yes, it is even possible to telepathically transmit/emit sound--meaning intuitively receive sound frequency); past lives; alternate timelines and off-earth incarnations; DNA-based/related assessments and work; ancestral work/healing/etc and much more. In completing your session, the work done is purposed to support, heal and PUSH you (albeit as lovingly as possible) to the next level especially...

I'm currently working to improve features and offerings everyday so please keep checking back for updates and info.

Keeping in mind that as this is an e-session, I guarantee client confidentiality as a top priority and guideline. In return, I ask (and it is implied upon ordering) that you maintain confidentiality and privacy of ALL recordings and written exchanges in respect to the sacredness; intellectual and spiritual intelligence; messages and energies we will be engaging and working with.

Please do not share/alter/reproduce/copy/distribute/replicate, etc any of the information provided except for explicit/implicit personal and private, unpublished and unaltered use. Please see GUIDELINES as well as WORKING WITH KAPUALANI for more.

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