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Hale Pu'uwai : HEARTspace Affirmation of Community Intentions & Guidelines:

HEARTspace Members (“HSM”) agree to mindfully, in all cases and in all ways, maintain community-based needs and standards, above and before personal agendas or "needs". We approach this space with ALOHA, INTEGRITY, RESPECT and the intention of upholding, sustaining, maintaining and learning to engage as harmoniously. (“Personal agendas” may include but are not limited to any type of deception(s) in represented identities operating within and projecting to the community, such as falsifying identities and/or names, multiple people pretending to be one person, or any type of misrepresented identity created in order to deceive, etc.)

As an HSM, you agree to take personal responsibility for the direction of your own personal energies and life choices. HSM agree to conduct themselves as well as their interactions with other HSM from a space of integrity, respect and kindness above all. What we intend to teach through example at Hale Pu'uwai, is how to live consciously and mindfully while also maintaining personal integrity and authenticity.

Members agree to be in conscious awareness of our Agreement of Harmonious Intent (“Agreement”). That being as follows:

“In entering this Sacred HEARTspace, We commit ourselves to consciously and responsibly co-creating, maintaining and sustaining a harmoniously-intended and intentioned community of Heart-Centered Individuals, united in our uniqueness, joined in our oneness—of Self, Creator/Our Higher Power (Whom/What ever it may be for each individual) and Community. In committing to this Agreement, We understand that any actions contrary to this Agreement may result in loss of Membership and expulsion. However, We are also committed to healing, supporting and holding space for transformation and loving kindness and every situation will be acknowledged with responsibility and care.”

Members acknowledge this sacred space as a healing, learning, and sharing space of Consciousness Expansion Awareness* and Heart above all.

Members agree to uphold and ensure that every individual is treated with equal love, compassion, attention and respect. Interactions with each other are to be based within this mutuality, respect and equality.

Members agree not to express themselves as officially representing Kapualani Leialoha or this Sacred Community as a whole, nor to imply such representation, unless expressly invited to do so under specific and limited circumstances.

Members agree not to attempt to solicit, manipulate or impose their personal views on each other.

Members agree not to use attacking, demeaning, or name-calling types of language when disagreements arise.

Members agree not to share Kapualani Leialoha's [permitted] newsletters, information, writings, messages, etc without attribution and a link back to the website.

Members agree not to share Kapua's posts or any other writings by Kapua without express and explicit permission.

Members agree not to share the writings of other community members without express permission of the author(s).

Members agree to do their best to use their personal discernment in all things and that Kapualani Leialoha and Community are not to be held responsible for the results of the application of that discernment or its lack thereof.

Failure to adhere to these standards will result in a warning, and if repeated, in removal from the community, according to the discernment of Kapualani and/or team, with Aloha, Light and Blessings on your journey.

Kapualani may decide to amend these guidelines at any time and will post any updates as and if they do occur.

Mahalo Nui for your time and attention, I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Aloha mai,
Kapualani Leialoha