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Kapua at Kukaniloko, known as The Birthing Stones located on her birth-island, O'ahu. *Sitting on the stones not commonly advised; please be respectful.

Kapua at Kukaniloko, known as The Birthing Stones located on her birth-island, O'ahu. *Sitting on the stones not commonly advised; please be respectful.

Kapualani Leialoha


My name is Kapualani and I am here, ready and open to the journey. I am a natural-born Healer, Clairvoyant and Medical Intuitive. If you’re ready to Schedule A Session TODAY click here for information on how to RSVP.

I’ve been referred to as a Shaman, Medicine Person, Spiritual Coach, Heart Healer and things of that nature—so often though, I see myself as a big kid with a big heart, just wanting to share and inspire love, beauty, joy and celebration with the world. It’s been (and continues to be) my greatest joy in life to support and motivate others to manifest their dreams and to awaken to their higher consciousness.

I’ve always had too many things that I enjoyed doing and too many things that I was good at but I could never quite commit to one thing until I accepted my true calling to simply be the Healer and Conscious Motivational Guide that I AM today.

This calling both catalyzed wonderful developments in my life and it asked a lot of me—it sometimes still asks a lot, but I understand and I accept it with the knowing that it is highly rewarding in so many ways and it’s simply part of my soul journey.

I believe in unconditional love, compassion and consideration with boundaries because balance, self-care and self-respect matter. I’ve experienced wisdom from all ages, races, forms and walks of life… from the eyes of a baby to the echoing silence of a breeze moving through the mountains.

I love almost all forms of artistic self-expression, music being my most treasured and highest pleasure in life! I strive to live as consciously, compassionately and authentically as possible. If you’ve never traveled, take a little holiday somewhere new and exciting. I’ve lived in big cities and I’ve lived in (mostly visited) rural towns. One thing is certain—my feet may wander far and wide but my heart and home will always be with Hawai'i nei. That being said, get to know your roots if you don’t already. Our ancestors are our links to the past and the path of Creation that paves the way to the future—all in which lies within.

So here we are, at this most auspicious time! A new dawn is rising and perhaps there truly can be peace on earth… but it will take a bit of effort from all of us, collectively.

It’s my purpose through my own inner work as a way-shower, artist, teacher, mentor and guide to support, encourage and nurture those seeking a greater sense of truth, deep soul healing and liberation… and to celebrate life together, One Love!


Aloha Pumehana (With Love Always),

Kapualani xo