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In the spirits of ALOHA and ABUNDANCE, I always offer sliding scales as I feel it is a way to respectfully and mindfully navigate this journey in balancing the energies of giving and receiving. Private Membership was originally considered to be $33-44/month based on the wealth of information, discounts, services and offerings (see below) being made available. I honor each of Us who feels truly called, guided and purposed to support and align here at the investment amount that is comfortable and in greatest resonance with where You are at (you may unsubscribe and resubscribe at a different rate in the future).

*I may be adjusting member benefits and such in the future, according to ho'okupu (energy exchange) selected but, for now... The Anela (Angel) and Mo'o (Dragon) tiers are much deeper investments, therefore these members will receive extra bonuses! For those dedicated benefactors and investors who are interested in working regularly with me, you will BOTH have access to utilize my 10%-off sliding scale system on all sessions and classes. Best of all You will receive a FREE 20-MINUTE ($87 session value - Angels) OR 30-MINUTE ($125 session value - Dragons) SESSION BONUS GIFT DURING EACH MONTH OF PAID MEMBERSHIP!* (including great savings all around)!

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Due to everyone's hectic lifestyles but desire to stay connected and informed, I've decided to implement a FREE monthly newsletter! The "subscribe link" below is available for those who want to kokua and offer ho'okupu for the work that I do and provide freely, from my heart. If you already used the pop-up box to subscribe, don't worry about completing this one. The subscriptions are just your way of expressing gratitude and appreciation--also showing me your support and encouragement (which is really, THE greatest reward beyond $).

This newsletter would provide a 5% member discount on selected items, sessions, etc.; and limited access to my latest membership video, usually 48-72 hours after live events; and/or any member-only video I feel relevant to share. Additionally you'll get more direct and instant insight to all of the rich offerings I have in store for Us (along with that awesome little discount to apply where you see a *member discount* notation. I deeply appreciate your love, aloha and support. I look forward to continuing the journey and hope you decide to eventually join us in the private members section of Hale Pu'uwai for a deeper and more engaging experience! Whatever you seek to build or create in life, let me assist in supporting you on your journey--it would be my honor and joy!

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As a Hoa Pu'uwai, here are all of the wonderful ways (and more!) in which your investment of time, money, shared consciousness and MANA WAHINE & MANA KANE presence will be honored, appreciated, celebrated and supported by myself, Kapualani and so many other amazing women and men on this path of Awakening the God*Mother within.

After ceremony with a dear hoa at Kukaniloko, sacred birthing place of Hawaiian Royals.

After ceremony with a dear hoa at Kukaniloko, sacred birthing place of Hawaiian Royals.

Hoʻopili : To Bring Together

It's been my DREAM to have AUTHENTIC relationships--whether it's a relationship that lasts a moment or one that lasts a lifetime...

Here at Hale Pu'uwai | HEARTspace, I welcome you to connect with this growing community of MANA WAHINE (Female/Feminine Power) and MANA KANE (Male/Masculine Power).

My personal intention has always been to Co-Create SACRED FLOW, to WALK IN BEAUTY and to TRANSFORM within my own life... in my Sacred Walk I have seen how my personal journey has inspired many...

It is because of these POWERFUL reflections of WISE WOMEN and MEN in my life that I have been able to unweave more fully unto my own SELF-DISCOVERY... and now, I'm ready to HOLD SPACE; as a true guide among like-minded and ACTIVATED individuals who honor a similar vibrational frequency and are willing and ready to deepen the AWAKENING into a higher sense of DIVINITY, GRACE... and Beyond.

Kapualani at El Capitan, CA shot by friend,  Silas Eyeso.

Kapualani at El Capitan, CA shot by friend, Silas Eyeso.

Pili'ana : Connection

As Hoa Pu'uwai, you will have exclusive Membership-only access to my PRIVATE Facebook Group: Hale Pu'uwai | HEARTspace.

PLUS... You'll receive a number of exciting opportunities to interact & engage including: 

* FREE Monthly, In-depth Sacred Sunday Meditation & Energy Webinar (Members Only)
* FREE Access to a growing library of informative, archival videos, articles and more plus...
* Your exclusive, private access to the Hale Pu'uwai : HEARTspace FB group will offer more DIRECT interaction and opportunity to engage with a stellar group of sacred-focused women (and maybe a few men too!) and ME, Kapualani!

*Please see Disclaimer & Membership Guidelines Agreement for details.

Oracle spread and crystal energy working; by Kapualani.

Oracle spread and crystal energy working; by Kapualani.

Nā Papa & Nā Kūikawā : Classes & Specials

Receive private, members only discounts, sliding scales and early-bird announcements on special events, classes and more!

Keep an eye out for opportunities and engagements such as:

* My FREE Monthly Member Newsletter with updates, announcements and current energy forecasts and/or predictions
* Special SACREDLY SPONTANEOUS online (and otherwise--tbd), LIVE events and interactions such as Moon-based workings, etc
* Future classes on topics such as divination, working with crystals, the sacred feminine, etc
* Coaching opportunities and freebies on increasing your abundance, prosperity and work flow on all levels

...and much, MUCH MORE!

My Promise to You...

I've waited years, literally YEARS to arrive at this moment within my Self and my life... and I'm SO EXCITED to be entering into this massive journey with YOU!

Thank You for showing up and for giving both me and YOU the Sacred YES! I look forward to sharing the sacred wisdoms and codes that have unlocked my path so that together, we can be empowered and make our dreams come true...

Mahalo nui.
Aloha Pumehana,
Xara Kapualani Leialoha & Ohana (My Ancestors, Creator, etc)

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Pu'uwai Monthly Member AutoPay Subscription