More on 2019 and Beyond...

Welcome to the NEW YEAR! It’s 2019 and I don’t know about you, but it seems like the “relevance” of the actual “year” seems to be becoming less and less important… While we will see a decent window of rest, get ready because on January 21st, 2019 we will experience a supermoon, wolf moon, full blood moon—a total lunar eclipse; this will not occur again until May of 2021. This sacred gateway marks another opening and closing in a succession of negative to positive to zero point to golden-timeline, time-space-continuum shift-space or slipstream of potential possibility the planetary body will be undergoing.

Regardless of what people “want” the consciousness embodiment of the planet is hyper-reversing to origin core zero. This is another shadow phase of consciousness embodiment under review and a finalizing chapter in the more dark matter material of things. Here’s where someone like yourself has a head start… because you’re actively aware of the impending weather—here’s some easy tips on how you can prepare:

Start loving yourself moreI know it sounds crazy, but this is really and truly the key to a better world and essentially how we begin to change shift things from the inside out. But HOW can you accomplish this? It’s so much deeper and more engaging than even going to the spa for a “treat-yo-self” spa day and literally costs you nothing… want to know what this fabulous product/technique is?

Easy—listen. Listen to your inner voice—the one that says “I’m thirsty, I need water”. You may not even hear this voice, you may still be in the passenger seat of your own experience. If this is the case, activate yourself and you link to this Source of Higher Consciousness by activating your position as the driver.

Dare to dream, to conjure or call out a dream—this is where your sense of childlike wonder is being called forth to play… for some, this sense of lightheartedness isn't quite so easy to engage. In fact, even the thought or consideration of being cared for, experiencing tenderness or a mirror of compassion and kindness feels so foreign, they can’t even imagine a life full of it, let alone how to initiate such contact.

Sometimes we need to be willing to address the reason(s) why we stopped dreaming in the first place in order to even begin to allow ourselves to consider even wanting to set a goal for ourselves. Regardless of where you are on your journey—even if you are currently working on your dream; consider taking a moment to breathe a bit of new life and energy into where you are, NOW. Manifestation, in general, is very similar to building a house—it takes time and layers to complete… and even once it’s finished, moving in and turning a “house” into a home, as we know, carries a completely different meaning.

Call for reinforcements, seek out inspiration—it helps to ask for help! In today’s world we’re softening this approach by empowering each other with the word SUPPORT. It’s OK to ask for support—it’s OK to offer it as well. Also, this could apply to creative, collaborative situations as well! Remember, this is a time of co-creation and positive change—if you’ve been going it alone, doesn’t it sound nice to be in good company? Conversely, if you’re constantly surrounded by friends, family and other voices, perhaps take some time out to self-reflect and seek out inspiration through nature—any new interactions and/or experiences that might stimulate and support your creative expressive energies. Remember, “creative” does not necessarily need to translate as “arts and crafts”, you can be creative in any aspect of life.

Schedule a session—hands down, you feel me on this and I know that you do! Here’s something practical and in fact also highly logical to consider: You work very hard or at least are doing your best to financially provide for yourself so that you can live, right? Why not put some extra 5’s, 10’s and occasional 20’s aside so that at least once a month you allow yourself some form of deep self-care? Whether your self-care treat for the month is a massage, a session with me (or another practitioner/guide you resonate with) or a complete spa day… whatever your form of deep self-care you feel would best support you, take time to make time and make it a priority as a necessary part of your budget. I fully understand that it’s a stressful time to be considering “extra stuff” but the extra stress is EXACTLY WHY making this type of investment will pay off—sometimes literally INSTANTLY (I’ve seen it in my own personal experiences—it’s how you LIVE into the “Law of Attraction”)

You can even go to a thrifty but amazing foot reflexology-type place that charges as little as $20! They’re actually really nice and these practitioners know their stuff! But do your research and seek out recommendations in your area for sure! Otherwise, as a Hale Pu’uwai member your discount rate applies and I’m so happy and ready to support you on your journey. Also, I realized not everyone is aware that I offer sacred strategic mentoring (basically setting up a routine where we meet regularly whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) so I wanted to make sure to mention it now! :)

Remember 2019 is resonating at a 12/3 frequency so we’re looking at the key of 3 in the 4 directions—accessing the dodecahedron sacred codes, rooted into/with-in and expanding beyond/with-out the sacred trinity. Sacred Keeper, AA Metatron shares that we are entering into a period of deep and what will seem to be almost eternal/neverending period of unrest… a deep and welling spiritual mourning is taking place and humanity is sobering up to the consequences of numbing their pain receptors and frequency codes (this will be explained further in future write-ups). There is a residual balance keeping hold of the lightcodes and essentially forcing the outer reaches to expand themselves beyond their own horizons. The new seeds of light are giving way to birth and pave entry for the genesis of time to hold space deep within the underbelly/undercurrent of the vastness/voidness/space/time/continuum in frequency codes and energy input-output.

Keep an eye out for more and in the meantime, I’m wishing you so much joy, love, light and blessings for an incredible 2019… and Beyond!

New Moon 9:9:9 (9 Sept 2018)

The energies of this New Moon are and have been quite present to me in MANY ways! How have you been managing? Being in the UK has really been a nice sort of "homecoming" in a way--even though I know I'm not "from" here... my body feels very familiar with this land and I know that my soul is definitely aware. 

We will soon be moving into NEW realms both personally and collectively. Many will start to open up to exercising more of their artistic (or even scientific) and rather more expressive sides. Others may begin to seek more isolation for a bit of soul-searching and self-development. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers--understanding who and what You are internally will definitely help though. There's no need to go off on an Eat, Pray Love vision quest or journey--you only need to be aware of You and your own sense of self, self-fulfillment, etc. 

I have a sense that there may also be some harsh "blow back" in other ways. I feel a deep sense of anger and explosiveness on the fringes as well. The completion of an old and outdated, lack-driven consciousness is Here, NOW. BE-ing Present to the moment, while grounded in Truth and rooted in Love--the vision becomes so much clearer, so much easier to see. Don't you agree? 

At any rate, consider focusing your New Moon energies and intentions on hyper accelerating your "sense" of awakening, while expecting NOTHING. This is an opportunity for you to essentially select your roundest, best skipping stone because you're up next to start making wishes and seeing how far you can get those wishing stones to skip across the lake or sea of dreams... in other words, be opening to calling in a deeper sense of PLAYFULNESS in your journey... we have been doing so much clean up, so much clearing--it's time to bring in some balance with some serious rest and relaxation. 

"The work" will always be there--it's part of the glory of it all--but if you can believe it, REST can also seem like a lot of work as well!!! Especially for those who are creative and deep thinking/feeling/experiencing... Rest is work we do to allow our body, mind and spirit to reintegrate, reharmonize and rehabilitate. September and this potent 9:9:9 stargate alignment will bring MANY things to completion once and for all. This is partially why, REST will be somewhat imperative. 

Allowing your body the proper time to shut down and heal will deeply impact your ability to move more fluidly through the push and pull of the heavy energies we are dealing with. More and more people may merge with past/present/future timelines which may bring more confusion and indecision or feelings of uncertainty--do your best to breathe, remain calm and remember, you're safe, you are loved and supported. If you have loved ones whom you are concerned for, send them love and visualize them doing well--do your best to project as much positivity and love to and for everyone as best as you can, even those who may seem to "want" to do harm. 

Use this New Moon energy to finalize any areas where you feel regret or loss as well--if you're ready to move on and let of the past once and for all, now would be a good time to really put those energies to rest. It's not that you need to cut anyone or anything out of your life and be done like a bat of out hell, LOL, no, just walk away... be done. Let LIFE, Creator, etc take care of the rest--KNOW what you have going for you. KNOW what Your Power IS and OWN it. 

Aloha nui,

New Moon | Meditation Event

This Saturday, August 11th, 2018 will herald the New Moon for the month of August. I've already done a write-up and a little prep video but I'm really excited for the GROUP MEDITATION on Saturday at 7pm PST (HP Members FREE; email to RSVP)!

I'm sure that you've been feeling the vibes--they've obviously been strong, haven't they? It seems there may be so many ideas popping off in your mind--possibly even many projects happening all at once--how are you keeping track of what day it is?! LIFE FORCE, MANA and yes, MANNA, is really pushing through and pulsating throughout the galaxy. Regardless of the lows that I'm sure many have been experiencing, there's still an overwhelming sense of inner peace or knowing, washing over. Don't worry, if you're wondering where the heck your sense of inner knowing is--hold tight; join the meditation; and in the meantime do your best to ground and focus on your breath.

We have so many immense opportunities to raise our personal vibrations, magnifying our ability to manifest, co-create and so much more... and in doing so, we open the fields up to our loved ones and those around us! This New Moon is like a fresh, quiet morning tide rolling in after a bit of a tropical storm from the night before... and if you've never experienced something like that, just imagine a fresh, cool, misty rain in the morning hitting you just the right way as you sip your cup of tea or coffee... Even though it's not quite autumn (sorry, I LOVE the fall), August, for whatever reason, has always touched on that in between space for me, seasonally speaking. With the Lion's Gate, of course, it is definitely a month of power, projection and prosperity.

So with that being said, get ready to dig your heels in a bit... if you've been working on something meaningful, well done. If you continue to align with your vision(s) and you put in the dedicated effort, you will reap what you've sown, especially by the time winter rolls around.

Be willing to look even deeper within... trust what you feel, but in order to do that, you must first understand yourself from your pain--your wounding all the way through and to your core truth.

I hope you'll join us tomorrow.

Aloha nui,

Aloha Friday Tarot : August 3rd, 2018


Here is our #AlohaFriday Mini-Tarot reading for 3 August, 2018! Please keep in mind that in spite of the card you chose, my intention(s) were also so that the three cards present would offer cohesion in a past, present, future sort of perspective around the ending of this week, a look at the weekend a little insight into what we can expect come Monday/Tuesday of next week...



4 Wands | Aspiration :

Finally, a burst of positive energy is presenting itself to assist in stabilizing all of the intense energies (and even a possible upheaval) as of late. Even though things will continue to intensify in other ways, the Aspiration card, is here to remind you that stability can and will be found in your home-base as well as other areas of your life. It's been a lot to process these days so the energies present to you at this time will be very grounding, reassuring and affirming. Rest easy this weekend and try to enjoy the sunshine a bit--hopefully the weather is nice, at minimum it will definitely be well-suited to your personal needs right now so soak it up.

8 Crystals | Synthesis :

In this deck, the Eight of Crystals, in this situation definitely indicates transition. Traditionally the image of the individual, bound and blindfolded along a row of swords--people often forget that her feet are not restricted or bound at all, she is free to walk away, seek help, etc... yet in the image, you see her paused there temporarily--which way will this person go? You may find yourself in this position as of late--if so, take heed in knowing that either way, at this point, any action, may be best than none at all. Right now, you may be unable to realize your own limitations verses opportunities, but don't worry, it'll all become clear soon just let things complete its shift.

10 Cups | Passion :

I've always loved the vibrant colors and energies from this card and in your world today, you might even benefit from the bright color therapies here! So much is about to come pouring through, I know you can feel it--maybe you're already rife with anticipation! I'm excited for you, really! Regardless of what you are hoping to manifest or create, Passion brings a message of inspiration, fulfillment and promise of more to come. There is a bright future ahead, and I know at this point it may even come as a deep sigh of relief! Rest easy and maybe treat yourself to a spa day or a massage this weekend, you've earned it and the energies are here to support you.

Upon choosing a card, feel free to reflect upon the entire spread! The intention and prayer set forth while cards are drawn are to be in complete Service to the Highest Good of All who receive the messages.

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Mahalo nui (big thanks) for taking the time to activate your mind-body-spirit connection... a hui hou and mālama pono, till next Aloha Friday!


Aloha nui,

More Full Blood Moon Eclipse Energy Updates

All you need to know, literally is inside of you... from your DNA to your living, conscious mind and thoughts... as you project them into the world. Much of the work I do and have done often is "beyond" me--I simply make myself focus on it, give it my attention or not. Just as we give any of our wandering thoughts our attention.

Here are the most up to date and current videos, including our most recent meditation offering, in regard to the energies we're experiencing and what's to come... as well as how to work with the flow.

Aloha nui,

Aloha Friday Tarot : July 27th, 2018


Here is our #AlohaFriday Mini-Tarot reading for 27 July, 2018! Please keep in mind that in spite of the card you chose, my intention(s) were also so that the three cards present would offer cohesion in a past, present, future sort of perspective around the ending of this week, a look at the weekend a little insight into what we can expect come Monday/Tuesday of next week...



10 | Flow :

Traditionally associated with The Wheel of Fortune, Flow in this deck focuses more on allowing yourself to move with ease at this time. There's a lot of heaviness, a lot of tender nerves and low energy--in spite of the positive possibility potential you may be surrounded by, this is a time to just take it easy... The saying, "Go with the flow," couldn't ring more true than now. The nice thing about Flow showing up, is that it means movement, regardless of whether or not you find yourself moving at a snail's pace. Allow yourself to build gentle consistency moving through the next few weeks, honestly. These potent full moon eclipse energies are pushing things forward enough as it is, let it be effortless.


7 Chakras | Crown :

This spread bounced between the Crown and the Sacral chakras but in the end the Crown won. Reason being--your crown is receiving INTENSIVE lightcodes, stimulation and activations to open up, expand and hypertransform your mental, emotional and physical bodies. The crown is the doorway to Creator's Sacred Light, the Higher Realms; it's the window to the third eye awareness and where we are currently awakening to our own Higher Selves. If Crown Chakra is visiting you, stimulation of this area (light massaging, placing soothing crystals, anointing with soothing/calming oils, etc) will deeply affect and support your current process. Your dreams will also be very telling so pay attention.

2 Emotions | Coming Together :

Coming Together relates with the Two of Cups and offers a higher and more expansive bridge in the realm of unconditional love. You may have been struggling a bit; paired with the Aquarian full moon eclipse, this card indicates that the rough edges and sensitive nerves will soon receive some relief if not already. I know it's been a challenging week, month, year even--you're almost there! Coming Together says that support, if you've needed it especially, and even reunion and repair, are underway... but it must all start and come from within first and foremost. Deep and loving healing energies will be presenting themselves to you, perhaps in subtle ways... keep an eye out.

Upon choosing a card, feel free to reflect upon the entire spread! The intention and prayer set forth while cards are drawn are to be in complete Service to the Highest Good of All who receive the messages.

If you've enjoyed these offerings, please visit and follow me on facebook, I post a lot of free info, guidance, forecasts, etc.

Mahalo nui (big thanks) for taking the time to activate your mind-body-spirit connection... a hui hou and mālama pono, till next Aloha Friday!


Aloha nui,

Pre|Full Moon Energies July 2018

So much of what has transpired recently can be attributed to much of the progress that's been made in the "galactic shutdown" process. We've talked about and heard about these "old portals" or old pathways/patterns of energies would continuously cycle in a loop--seemingly without end or shift in sight... but perhaps the feeling remained and is what has kept us pushing forward, toward that next threshold into a deeper and more fully engaging LIFE experience.

Physically, our bodies, (as has been expressed previously) are responding to the actual physical shift in that the planetary body is and has been making in shifting on it's axis. For those who are particularly empathic|intuitive, the process may be quite noticeably palpable.

The lower body and especially the lower level chakras (located predominantly in the mid/lower abdominal region) are being deeply affected right now. If there are any areas within your life where there is strain, pain, ache, etc--meditate on these areas with gentle and conscious, effective breathing; visualizing a stream of deep sapphire blue golden white light moving from Galactic Central Solaris Sun all the way through and through to the deep and gorgeously rich pink, magenta gold silver platinum white light of Gaia Sophia Heart Center and back up and around you... imagining that these streams of gorgeous and fluid light are pulsating, circulating and moving through you mind, body and spirit. Being in the awareness that even as you breathe and read these words, you are receiving the magnificent healing energies and fluid starseed stellar solaris activations of Galactic Golden Gaia rich LIFE essence in LIGHT...

The rich and abundant streams of Golden Template light codes are flooding the planetary body, filling in, sealing and healing the planetary field and all of the areas in which She's been severely infiltrated and "lacking" in proper light-coded nutrients and support... the right levels of LOVE Consciousness.

Because the planetary body is awakening with consciousness of LOVE and Gratitude, especially, the planet, herself is able to substantially respond. It has been a matter of urgency that the awakening begin a process of mass light particle collision conversion... in other words, the hyper expanding and integrating of even deeper, substantial Light Awareness and Awakened Consciousness and Being.

Focus on being even more aware of and in relationship with your physical body. Treat and speak with your precious form/vessel as if this being were your baby or child. Be attentive to how your body literally feels and is feeling; especially if you find yourself lacking in focus, direction, motivation or drive. The potency of energies and the swift shifts and opportunities to expand right now are really driving A LOT of Force in the fields... basically, what this means is, very very soon you may find yourself feeling a wonderful sense of "anything's possible" more and more. We are in a deeply expansive state with immense opportunity to really move toward bigger and brighter things. Regardless of what your personal vision may be, the more positively engaged and focused you are in practicing heart centered active awareness, the more you will begin to align in more effectively co-creating those manifestations.

The field of possibility potential is ripening with sweet fruit for us all to experience... and while there's still no "rush" just remember--the longer you put off the things that could have been done yesterday, the more you'll find yourself twisting back to look at the past. Being present to LIFE, engaging in relationship with ALL aspects of you--including forming a healthy relationship and dialogue with the actual biological "human" part of you--your body! Treat your body as you would your best friend, lover, companion and/or child and you may be shocked at what you discover... be kind, be loving and compassionate... learn to listen to your inner voice--this is an assisting force, guiding your compass as you navigate through life. The more critical and judgemental your are toward yourself, the more your body, mind and spirit will bow in that emotional direction. It is not something necessarily done "purposefully" or "consciously" but it happens.

Conversely, be aware of your reactive mind/voice toward others or the world around you... self-awareness and the ability to truly perceive and be a student to life and your own experience is extremely special and unique to each and every one of us. Kindness, compassion and patience are qualities that have been implementing deeper and deeper roots within the core construct of the masses, especially as of late.

We have begun to transcend the lower, especially outdated and defunct timelines of separation and illusion. As we begin to come back "online" with all levels, layers and lifetimes of ourselves our bodies are following suit, accordingly. Going on long, meditative walks will be very helpful as a whole-body/person sort of working to shift into a more harmonious state on all levels.

Keep breathing deeply and moving forward with confidence in knowing that you belong here... You're meant to be here and your life is precious, valid and honored as the LOVE in which You ARE.


Aloha nui,