APRIL Pink Full Moon : Engaging the Sacred | Re-Awakening Tenderness

I realize this is arriving a touch “delayed”… but in my world, everything is always exactly “right on time”… my latest video really connects with the rich and soothing energies of the Pink Full Moon… the vibrations, tones and energies of this moon have been quite apparent. It’s a massaging of the hardened hearts—an easing of aches and pains so tightly wound up that the ego really hasn’t had a conscious choice to be holding on… I resonate and share company with that sensation all too well—it was a built in companion to my existence from the start and what I once saw as a polarized blessing and curse… like the masks of comedy and tragedy bound into a single experiential being—Me, My Self and I… how do you know which mask you’re wearing unless you’re willing to strip them all off and see yourself for who YOU ARE… that’s all I’ve ever asked of anyone and everyone who comes into my experience.

This Powerfully Wholesome and Welcoming TRIPLE GODDESS MOON is a leveling up in the spiritual, emotional and mental maturation processes that we’ve been physically carrying on and holding space with since, well, existence ever existed…

Visit with the cards below—if you were able to participate in my Full Moon oracle reading for the month, my results are up on my @spiritcrystalline Instagram! Even if you didn’t draw your own card—in my mini interpretation of what these cards symbolize… just look at them point blank: Twin Flame, Meditate, Power of Joy… The Ascended Masters here are all very Sacred Divine Masculine vibrations, emanating at the highest potentiality of LOVE embodied in Sacred Male Form… As physical counterparts, holding sacred awareness and space bearing stable and capable witness in balance with the Triple Moon Goddess activations mentioned earlier… can you feel the balancing and harmonizing taking place even as you’re reading? If not, I understand… perhaps you’re still crazed and wound up from the every day hum and drum…


This is the part where your attention to self-love, self-care and inner work start… slow down. BREATHE… take a moment to connect with your breath…

Placing your hands on your belly—or perhaps left hand to heart, right hand to belly… when you’re ready, take a moment, I would even suggest listening to some soothing harmonic frequencies or the sounds of nature… begin connecting with your breath, focusing your attention and awareness to your inhalations and exhalations… empty yourself mind, body and spirit and let go of anything and everything that has absolutely nothing to do with this moment, right HERE, right NOW… only focusing on your breath… allow now for all stress to melt away as you exhale. As you inhale, engage your core; softly tensing the belly muscles to inhale all the way; and conversely engaging core to push out all of your breath upon exhaling.

This is a quick, easy and efficient way of getting yourself centered and aligned—it supports relaxation and wellness as well as supporting a reduction in stress levels.


Sit with these Masters of ALOHA… feel their wisdoms and energies affecting, impacting and healing you… strengthening and supporting you on your journey… which path are you sitting with… are you in a space of reflection with the Twin Flame journey—perhaps there is a relationship that’s calling for your attention… whether it’s someone you’re presently working on healing things with, someone no longer in your life or it’s a part of your own self that you’re coming to terms with… let Aengus come through to give you the opportunity to see yourself and perhaps the other in a kinder, softer more admirable light… you are both to be admired for your efforts…

If Siddhartha is calling you to Meditate, realize that in this moment, it’s ok to not know… it’s ok to be in the mystery and to be ok. It can be disorienting to just BE sometimes… we deal with so much from day to day—how often do we actually, purposefully and mindfully allow ourselves to be still? The beauty of a visit in this space is that it is both eternal and temporary… this perfect state of stillness in meditation exists within you whether you’re aware of it or not—by placing your present awareness and focus upon this space of no-thing-ness, any-thing is possible…

Maitraya is such a pleasing symbol and perfectly suited to call in the Power of Joy to our Moon spread… If you’re partying with Maitraya over this energetically gorgeous holiday weekend—kudos to your joyful state of expansion! If life has been especially taxing on you—rest assured, Power of Joy is here to charge you up with some feel good vibes… put your worries and cares down, this weekend you can take a nice breather, kick your heels up and know that things really are and will get better and better from here on out.

Overall—these cards promote fresh starts with a deep sense of maturity and wisdom moving forward… meaning that we will make smarter choices for ourselves… we will exercise the tools we’ve learned after such long and arduous lessons and living… after so much loss and struggle—the resurrection and promise of NEW LIFE is here… and it is always on the horizon—we simply need to keep going… and it’s not about not looking back, but it’s about trusting and having faith that even if we’ve lost loved ones and friends along the way—we will meet up again in some form or another… and it’s ok to wish the people we’ve lost well… it’s ok to move on… LIFE doesn’t always give us a choice… so let go of the burdens, the aches and let the healing balm of this beautifully rich and soothing Pink Moon heal any of the lingering raw and tender nerves that might still be affecting you… I know I’ll be with my own tender heart for quite some time if not always—or at least until we’re all One again… Aloha

APRIL | New Moon Crystal Healing & Guidance

My new video is up and the cards have been drawn! Are you ready to see what the APRIL | NEW MOON has in store for you? As you’ll hear me say in the video, I’m really excited about the energies presenting themselves to us… can you feel the bubbly vibes heading your way?

Keep scrolling for a look at my Oracle spread and receive this month’s guidance around the activations and energies of the New Moon!

New Moon this Friday 04/05/19 will bring positive support and reassurance of harmonizing and integrating of bigger and brighter things! Join my group and/or subscribe to my newsletter www.kapualani.com/subscribe to see my article and Oracle Forecast/Energy Working; and follow me on Instagram @kapualani_ and @spiritcrystalline to stay up to date on the latest!

The Oracle decks utilized in the spreads above are (from left to right) the Psychic Tarot Deck, the Psychic Tarot of the Heart, Angel Heart Sigils and Sacred Awakening.

First of all—whaddyah think of the NEW (orgonite) crystalline bobbles I created?! It’s taken me a long time to feel called to share them publicly but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! They’re so special and the shapes are really wonderful! Above you’ll see my special Third Eye | Psychic Kitty; large/jumbo Crescent Moon; my own personal custom Crystalline Evil Eye of God | Protection; Emperor Moth; (below on the pages via The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach) Mini Honeycomb Bee Planchette; Mini Raven Skull; and a Luna Moth… they are infused with healing energies, loving intentions, ancestral wisdoms and serious ALOHA vibes! :) I’m considering also offering “activations/intention setting workings” and support as part of an add-on service!


Let’s get to it!...

I encourage you to take a moment afterward, to revisit the images and tune into the crystalline pieces, oracles and attunements… consider whether or not the meanings offered and the energies felt resonate.

Upon interpreting the overall energies of the Oracle cards, the theme of positive growth and supportive sense of love is definitely felt. The Three of Cups in the position of Nurture tells me that this New Moon will be stimulating, inspiring and appealing to third eye visions and vibrations… You may even come into new friendships and/or opportunities for joyful experiences during this time so take advantage of any chances to try something new! The Three of Cups, paired with the Healing Beings card shares a bit of support and reassurance in that any risk-taking at this time should bode well. I know, in recent months it’s been sort of a drag but the gates are opening to a new field of unconditionally loving energy—it’s exciting!

As Healing Begins influences things, remember—it’s ok to also work with these energies in relaxation mode! Resonating in Nature position, this card implies that while merriment will be in the air, you may be feeling less inclined to push—at least as we roll toward the transition point of the New Moon energies. It’s a wonderful essence to be with and in. Self-care and loads of daydreaming and solo-dancing recommended! This is an opportunity for us to regain a sense of footing so consider taking a nice salt bath and having a bit of meditation. I’m holding space to bring back my activated essential oil salts to support these sacred moments with potency and light! Would you be interested?

Archangel Zadkiel shows up as our Angelic support, resonating with the energies of Pleasure, holding the Sacred Awakening gates of Isness. This presents us with opportunity to recognize that truly, this is a time of harmonious integration… you can even see that even the divinations via The Book of Stones reflect Integration Crystal (Transmitter) as a crystal key guardian to the gates of Isness available to us during this New Moon.

Gem Silica is noted as “perhaps the finest stone in the mineral kingdom for energizing the throat chakra and bringing forth one’s inner truth…” also noting that it is a combination of Chrysocolla and Quartz, this stone will not only open and unlock self-expression but it will do so in very dynamic ways—including the third eye.

Scolecite is said to promote: “Inner peace, relaxation, tranquillity, interdimensional travel, awakening the heart" and works with calming the third eye and crown especially. In reading further, Scolecite is also a wonderful stone for protection, as it’s energies guide you toward raising your own vibration and frequency.

Integration Crystal (Transmitter) is already making me laugh as I read: “After one has utilized the Initiation crystal to connect with one’s guides and teachers, one can move on to working with the Integration configuration.” As the sacred gates of Isness opens itself to us to revealing our inner and higher selves—our higher truth. The energies and support here will allow you see yourself—as You Are, from a space of core truth.


“I AM THAT WHICH I AM, AND I AM ____________.”

What energy are you resonating with at this time? What dreams or new projects are you ready to initiate and step into? Are you ready for a New You? Call in Zadkiel during this time, ask that Your Sacred Mirror of Reflection and Self—the Isness within… The core in an active state… aliveness, as it were, is welling up within you. Inside of You is this sacred essence of core truth that you can feel.

As you go into a meditative state, reflect upon the images and mediate with any vibrations or frequencies coming through… perhaps the crystalline shapes have stories of their own to share… call upon Zadkiel for support, guidance and protection. Entering through the sacred gates of Isness… Sacred Awakening says, “As love just is, the Is-ness of The All That Is cannot be defined, only experienced.” It is the energetic movement that simply Is and it exists within us all—the still point, revealing all of the self and what IS possible. What is your heart open to and what are you ready to bring forth into your own self, your eternal reality?

Realizing that Gem Silica is truly a fossil transformed into crystal; consider visualizing your own self. Starting from the core of EarthGaia, visualize streams pure, shimmering, crystalline rainbow light flowing like a wellspring, from the core, heart chakra of the earth. Take a moment to be present to the essence of eternal, pure love and breathing deeply, see the Galactic Central Sun overhead unlocking a waterfall of opalescent, golden light, flowing through and through… feel and witness these loving, clarifying energies as they integrate; flowing through and to the heart chakra as an eternally blooming lotus or rose. Returning to the image of the Gem Silica, visualize yourself, now, transforming, starting with the rose|lotus bud. As it blooms, imagine that it is transforming into crystalline light and as you breathe—feel your breath unlocking any residual tension or disharmony and breathe it out through the exhalations. Breathing IN core truth, breathing OUT all void space, confusion, doubts, fears… whatever no longer serves.

Allow, now for your Higher Visions and the support of The Universe, Creator God and The Ancestors to flow through and into your clear and fully integrated Crown | Third Eye stargates. Feel the wellspring of LIFE flowing from the heart—transformed, integrated CRYSTALLINE LIGHT, flowing through you supporting the visions that are POTENTLY, CLEARLY and SOULFULLY pouring through your Crown… do you feel the energetic support of LOVE, FAITH and HOPE greeting you? Are you aware of the TRUTH, HONESTY and INTEGRITY that surrounds you in this Sacred Greeting—ALOHA is here… and it is time.

Take time to be with these energies and breathe, knowing that you have all that you need and more right here, right now.

Mahalo Nui & Many Blessings,
Xara Kapualani & Ohana

2019 Spring Equinox | Full Moon

Aloha and Happy Spring Equinox | Full Moon! As we roll into the gateways of the Spring Equinox, there are many energies of integration still buzzing! We will see and feel an air of opportunity beginning to freshen up once again, so don’t be afraid to take those deep breaths—you may have some heavy sighs of relief. It’s ok, we are all in this together and all going through the motions in one way or another.

It is and will become more and more apparent, on a communal and global level, that we do need each other. We’ve done the song and dance of “running away from home” emotionally, mentally—maybe even physically—long enough and we are tired—I am past the tired phase personally, LOL. I’m ready to dig my heels into the ground and not just go even deeper into the work, but to start seeing results (again), as well. I know what results look like, do you?

Results can trigger emotional states of satisfaction, relief, confirmation, validation and most importantly—confidence in knowing that you’ve done a good job. I like those kinds of results. We’ve all experienced results that aren’t favorable to such outcomes—this time, however, the ability to bounce back and keep moving forward will come with a greater sense of ease… and why? Because you’ve learned something since the last time, you’ve grown, perhaps you haven’t changed, exactly, but you’ve matured to another level of self-awareness.

In doing so, you’ve opened your entire self—mind, body and soul—up to even greater and newer states of limitless potentiality and possibility. We are still being erased from the past; still being reclaimed from the deep grooves that once kept us locked into patterns and distortions beyond even this lifetime. The timelines are unfolding in limitless states, we are each individual tracks of time—yet potent and in some cases (perhaps many) duplicitous in nature, on purpose.

The Spring Equinox heralds a time of good fortune, birth, renewal and immense light coming through after a long and difficult winter, even fall, season… where do you find yourself focusing your sights these days? Where do you intend for your energies to lead you? Have you considered your goals for the future, even if it’s just to go to the grocery store at the end of the week to pick up your odds and ends?

Joining forces with the Full Moon, the energies and gateways of immense resurrection and rebirth are readying themselves for us all to align with. These portals however, are definitely nothing like anything we’ve seen before, so awareness of this event in itself will only support your core truth, your long term goals and/or desires.

The planet, is being freed from the old timelines of emotional anger, destruction, disharmony and discord… we have been, essentially, clearing the slate… a new humanity is evolving as we live and breathe. A renewed way of being is finally readying itself to step forth and be born—LIFE—is happening, Here and NOW… where do you align with in that sacred space? Do you align with Life? How do you know if you’re aligning with life, really?

It is with these colorful and probing questions, that We are being called to allow You a space to truly sit and reflect with yourself upon… how much time and space do you actually give to Your Self?

This Spring Equinox | Full Moon (and the 3 days or so that follow especially) will be paving the way for the future unveiling of even much more deep truth for many… which will manifest in many different ways. Consider doing your own spring cleaning this week—for the sake of allowing more beauty, wealth, love, positivity and celebration all around.

Please check out my video for an accompanying meditation below; more information and Sacred Wisdoms with the Ancestors and All.

Aloha & Mahalo Nui,
Kapualani xo