2019 Spring Equinox | Full Moon

Aloha and Happy Spring Equinox | Full Moon! As we roll into the gateways of the Spring Equinox, there are many energies of integration still buzzing! We will see and feel an air of opportunity beginning to freshen up once again, so don’t be afraid to take those deep breaths—you may have some heavy sighs of relief. It’s ok, we are all in this together and all going through the motions in one way or another.

It is and will become more and more apparent, on a communal and global level, that we do need each other. We’ve done the song and dance of “running away from home” emotionally, mentally—maybe even physically—long enough and we are tired—I am past the tired phase personally, LOL. I’m ready to dig my heels into the ground and not just go even deeper into the work, but to start seeing results (again), as well. I know what results look like, do you?

Results can trigger emotional states of satisfaction, relief, confirmation, validation and most importantly—confidence in knowing that you’ve done a good job. I like those kinds of results. We’ve all experienced results that aren’t favorable to such outcomes—this time, however, the ability to bounce back and keep moving forward will come with a greater sense of ease… and why? Because you’ve learned something since the last time, you’ve grown, perhaps you haven’t changed, exactly, but you’ve matured to another level of self-awareness.

In doing so, you’ve opened your entire self—mind, body and soul—up to even greater and newer states of limitless potentiality and possibility. We are still being erased from the past; still being reclaimed from the deep grooves that once kept us locked into patterns and distortions beyond even this lifetime. The timelines are unfolding in limitless states, we are each individual tracks of time—yet potent and in some cases (perhaps many) duplicitous in nature, on purpose.

The Spring Equinox heralds a time of good fortune, birth, renewal and immense light coming through after a long and difficult winter, even fall, season… where do you find yourself focusing your sights these days? Where do you intend for your energies to lead you? Have you considered your goals for the future, even if it’s just to go to the grocery store at the end of the week to pick up your odds and ends?

Joining forces with the Full Moon, the energies and gateways of immense resurrection and rebirth are readying themselves for us all to align with. These portals however, are definitely nothing like anything we’ve seen before, so awareness of this event in itself will only support your core truth, your long term goals and/or desires.

The planet, is being freed from the old timelines of emotional anger, destruction, disharmony and discord… we have been, essentially, clearing the slate… a new humanity is evolving as we live and breathe. A renewed way of being is finally readying itself to step forth and be born—LIFE—is happening, Here and NOW… where do you align with in that sacred space? Do you align with Life? How do you know if you’re aligning with life, really?

It is with these colorful and probing questions, that We are being called to allow You a space to truly sit and reflect with yourself upon… how much time and space do you actually give to Your Self?

This Spring Equinox | Full Moon (and the 3 days or so that follow especially) will be paving the way for the future unveiling of even much more deep truth for many… which will manifest in many different ways. Consider doing your own spring cleaning this week—for the sake of allowing more beauty, wealth, love, positivity and celebration all around.

Please check out my video for an accompanying meditation below; more information and Sacred Wisdoms with the Ancestors and All.

Aloha & Mahalo Nui,
Kapualani xo